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Dr Roy Billington Medical Missionary for CMS in Uganda
Articles, books and booklets

Bishop Leslie Brown
Letters and papers of Bishop Leslie and Mrs Winifred Brown relating to the Anglican Church and the political situation in Uganda
These papers are closed until 2039

Guillebaud Papers
The work of Philippa and Rosemary Guillebaud as CMS missionaries, teachers and translators in the Sudan, Uganda and Kenya
The permission of Rosemary Guillebaud is required before access can be granted.

Hooper Papers
Handley Hooper was a CMS teacher in Kenya.
Copies of letters, reports, descriptions of the country.
Originals are in the CMS Archives.

Joe Church:
A very important collection of papers, books, pamphlets, audio tapes, slides and photographs relating to the life and work of Dr Joe Church in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Dr Church and his colleagues were instrumental in the creation of the revival movement in East Africa and elsewhere in the 1940's and the 1950's c. 1926-2000.

Kenya Miscellaneous Material
Magazines, newsletters, reports etc. relating to the Anglican Church in Kenya

Leech Papers
Dr Ralph and Mrs Bertha Leech were missionaries in Uganda and Kenya
CMS newsletters, pamphlets, reports, international missionary papers, newspapers and maps, private publications relating to the East African Revival, Kenya Church documents

Lewis Papers
Records of the Anglican Church in the Congo

Photocopies of the newspaper of the Kikuyu Central Association

Phillips Papers
Letters, diaries, photographs and other documents relating to the history of the Niger Mission with particular reference to Bishop Bertram Lasbery and the Reverend James Welch
c. 1890-1997

Pirouet Bequest
Letters of Dora Skipper, CMS teacher and missionary, Ngora District, Uganda.
Papers were donated by Dr Louise Pirouet, a member of the Henry Martyn Centre Committee

Bishop Philip Ridsdale papers
The papers cover the history of the Anglican Church In Zaire from before its formal beginning with the consecration of Philip Ridsdale as the first Anglican bishop in 1972 until the death of Bishop Philip in 2000.

There is also much insight into the political and security situation in Zaire with particular relevance to the impact of the wars on the church and its followers.

The papers were microfilmed by Adam Mathew Ltd. in March 2006

Walker Papers
Papers relating to the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Northern Nigeria

John Whitehorn
Letters, booklets and diaries relating to mission work in Taiwan and Guinea-Bissau carried out by the Revd John Whitehorn and his relatives 1946-2003


Roy Coad Lectures on the Brethren Movement given at Regent College, Vancouver

Minter Papers
History of the Anglican Church in Jamaica and the anti-slavery movements


Sir Norman Anderson
Letters and booklets relating to mission in Egypt, Uganda, India, China and elsewhere

Books on Missions in China
The state of religion in China and in Cochin China, Christianity in China and the history of Missions in China
On microfilm

Cambridge Committee for Christian Work in Delhi, now known as the Cambridge-Delhi Christian Partnership.
Minutes, accounts, letters and other papers relating to the committee and its predecessor, the Cambridge Mission to Delhi. The documents also relate to the Teape Sub-Committee, the Delhi Brotherhood, St Stephen's College and St Stephen's Hospital, Delhi and the Friends of the Delhi Diocese

Holmes Papers
Christina Holmes was a medical missionary in Taiwan.
Newsletters and personal correspondance from all over the World

South India
Miscellaneous collection of books, pamphlets and articles chiefly connected with the work of the Reverend R.B. Budgett in the region

Alan Macleod
Missionary in India and Pakistan and later Principal of Westminster College, Cambridge
Letters, articles, reports, sermons, book reviews
Collection of Maps and Guides Africa, Europe, India and South America 1922-1953

Murray Titus papers
Murray Titus and his wife Olive were missionaries and teachers in India with the American Methodist Church. He was co-founder of the Henry Martyn School for Islamic Studies in Lahore.
The papers were donated by their daughter, Carol Pickering, assistant archivist at the Henry Martyn Centre. They have particular relevance to the work of Murray Titus on Islam and consists of books, articles, reviews, letters, accounts of his life and photographs. There are also letters and travel diaries of Carol Pickering whilst she was in India.

Letters of Sophia Dorothea Reuter
Missionary in China and the wife of Stanley J. Smith, one of the 'Cambridge Seven'
Photocopies of typed transcripts of letters donated by her granddaughter, Sue Anderson, World Mission Advisor in the Henry Martyn Hall.

John Whitehorn
Letters, booklets and diaries relating to mission work in Taiwan and Guinea-Bissau carried out by the Revd John Whitehorn and his relatives 1946-2003 

Wilson Papers
Letters and other papers of Dr George Wilson who worked in the district of Gujerat and the City of Ahmedabad in India for the Irish Presbyterian Mission


Sir Norman Anderson
Letters and booklets relating to mission in Egypt, Uganda, India, China and elsewhere

Henry Martyn
Letters and articles concerning the life and work of the Rev. Henry Martyn and in particular his travels in the Middle East and Persia


St. Augustine's College, Canterbury
Occasional Papers
On microfilm

John Berridge
Papers relating to Berridge and the Gorham Family, Cambridge, St Ives and Bedfordshire

Bishop Kenneth Cragg
New Testaments in Latin and Greek
1891, 1932

Edinburgh World Missionary Conference 1910
Photocopies of answers to questionnaires sent out to missionaries in the field in local religions and responses to mission activity.
Articles on the background to and discussions on the conference along with notes of the respondents.
Assorted articles on missions, many of the authors being missionaries who answered the questionnaires.

Papers of Canon Graham Kings
Letters, writings, broadcasts and other papers donated by Canon Kings, the founding Director of the Henry Martyn Centre. They cover his time as a minister in London, a missionary and teacher in Kenya and his work at the Henry Martyn Centre.

Papers relating to the History of the Henry Martyn Hall
Papers relating to its history and that of the Henry Martyn Library
Papers less than 30 years old are closed

Hinchliff Papers
Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Oxford
Publications, copies of working papers, lectures, conference and committee papers, newspaper cuttings

The magazine of the Junior Missionary Association of the Methodist Church
Autumn 1991 to Summer 1992

The magazine of the Methodist Missionary Society February
1970-July/August 1991

Correspondence and other papers of the Rt. Rev. Simon Barrington-Ward
Relating to his time as General Secretary of CMS

Papers relating to the Cambridge Seventy. A group of Cambridge Graduates who came together in 1955 and pledged themselves to missionary service 1955-2006.

The papers of the St. Julian's community.
The Community of St. Julian’s was established in Sussex in the 1940’s by Florence Allshorn. It was a place of quiet rest and contemplation, originally intended for CMS missionaries returning on furlough but opened to the wider community. In 1956 a sister house was opened near Nairobi in Kenya. 

Warren Papers
Book reviews and related correspondence of Max Warren

Samuel Wilberforce (ed.)
Journals and Letters of the Rev. Henry Martyn, B.D., 2 vols (London, 1837)

The magazine of the Junior Missionary Association of the Methodist Church.
Spring 1978 - Summer 1991


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