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'Henry Martyn 1781-1812: A Brief Life. New Archive display

'Henry Martyn 1781-1812: A Brief Life' is the title of a new Archives and Library display in the Centre's display cabinet .  It focuses on three episodes in the life of the 19th-century clergyman, the brilliant acolyte of the evangelical vicar of Holy Trinity, Revd. Charles Simeon, and the first translator of the Bible into Persian, whose name the parent Trust of the Centre perpetuates - his departure as a chaplain to the East India Company in 1805, his work in Danapore (Bihar Province) in 1808, and his lonely death in Turkey in 1812 -  with a glance also at his reputation thereafter.

The display has been occasioned by the recent cleaning and repair of the Centre's framed engraving by Say of Henry Martyn (illustrated), a copy of the painting by Hickey in the Henry Martyn Hall, on the back of which was discovered a further engraving, of Tocat in northern Turkey where Martyn, died en route to Constantinople.
This engraving, it transpires, is the ancestor of several others published during the 19th century (see example illustrated).  It is included in George Smith's biography of Martyn (1892) with the palm trees mysteriously converted into lombardy poplars.

This display will continue in the showcase until the end of August.  Available whenever the Centre is open.

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