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Dr Angus Crichton

Dr Angus Crichton


Dr Angus Crichton
Research Associate
Email: ac772@cam.ac.uk

Angus Crichton helps to lead the Ngoma Ecumenical Publishing Consortium, which identifies and makes available in Uganda research on Ugandan Christianity.  Angus lived in Uganda for two years and taught in a small theological college in Kampala.  During this time, he came to realise that his students had little access to research and publications on Ugandan Christianity.  He found this concern was shared with colleagues in other theological institutions and so the Ngoma Ecumenical Publishing Consortium was established.  Angus has been a research associate at CCCW since 2010.  Angus continues to identify research materials on Ugandan Christianity, with his personal interest focussing on the early history of Christianity in Uganda, as the resources in European archives are particularly rich for this period.  

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