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Revd Babetunde Adedibu

Babatunde Adedibu holds a PhD in Missiology from North West University, South Africa. He is the Mission and Ecumenical Manager with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Central Office, UK.  Babatunde is a visiting lecturer in Missiology and Honorary Research fellow at the University of Roehampton, London. Babatunde is also an associate lecturer with Springdale College, Birmingham and senior lecturer with Christ the Redeemer College, London. He is the author of two books: Coat of Many Colours: Origin, Growth, Distinctiveness and Contributions of Black Majority Churches to British Christianity and, Storytelling: An Effective Communication Appeal in Preaching and has published in peer-reviewed journals across the Atlantic. Some of which are:
 (a) 'God or Mammon? Piety and Probity: The Case of Britain’s Black Majority Churches' in Nigerian Journal of Christian Studies. ( March 2015).
 (b) 'Public Perception: Witchcraft Accusation, Stereotyping and Child Abuse. A Case Study of Britain’s Black Majority Churches' In Adogame (ed),
The Public Face of African New Religious Movements in the West, Ashgate-inform Series on Minority Religions and Spiritual Movements, 2014. 255-274.
(c) 'Deterritorilisation of African and Caribbean Pentecostal –led Churches in Britain and their existential challenges in a new cultural frontier'  in Journal of Contemporary Christian Studies, Vol1,(2014), 51-7;
(d) 'Migration, Identity and Marginalisation: The Case of Britain’s Black Majority Churches'.Journal of Africana Religions, Volume 2, Issue 1,(2014),110-117
(e) 'Reverse Mission or Migrant Sanctuaries? Rhetoric’s, Symbolic Mapping and Missionary Challenges of Britain’s Black Majority Churches', The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies,Pneuma, 35 (2013) 405-42 
(f) 'Faith without Borders: Maximising the missionary potentials of Britain’s Black Majority Churches'. Journal of Missional Practice, 2013. Online http://themissionalnetwork.com/index.php/faith-without-borders-maximising-the-missionary-potential-of-britain-s-black-majority-churches 
(g) 'Origin, Migration, Globalisation and Missionary Encounter of Britain Black Majority Churches,' Studies in World Christianity 19.1 (2013): 93–113
(h) 'The Changing Christian Landscape in Britain: The Case of Black Majority Churches'. In Swedish Missiological Themes, Volume 100, No.3 2012,283-302,Swedish Institute of Mission Research  
(I) with Akhazemea,: 'Global Missionary Player: The Redeemed Christian Church of God: Her Message of Human Development' in Encounter Beyond Routine, 2011,53-64, Online http://www.emw-d.de/fix/files/doku_5_encounter-beyond-routine2011.pdf
Babatunde has served in the Redeemed Christian Church of God as an ordained minister for almost two decades and has been a member of the denomination for over twenty-five years. Redeemed Christian Church of God ,United Kingdom has been observed to be the fastest growing denomination in the United Kingdom by Peter Brierley, the former Director of Christian Research, UK. http://www.christiantoday.com/article/how.reverse.missionaries.built.the.uks.fastest.growing.church/37894.htm

RCCG is a Pentecostal denomination established in Lagos, Nigeria in 1952 by late Rev Josiah Akindayomi. The denomination is now led by Pastor E.A Adeboye who serves as the General Overseer. Pastor Adeboye holds a PhD in thermodynamics and was a former senior lecturer at University of Lagos. RCCG is one of several churches from the Global South that have contributed to the globalisation of African Pentecostalism. It has a transnational presence in over 178 countries of the world. In the United Kingdom, the church has about 678 parishes and is led by Pastor Agu Irukwu, Senior Pastor of Jesus House, London, and Chairman Executive Council and Board of Trustees of RCCG UK
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