Henry Martyn Trust

Henry Martyn Trustees

The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide (Company no 07579296) is the operating name of the Henry Martyn Trust.


Ex officio Members

Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge
Prof Ian MacFarland, Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge.

Cooptative Members

Revd Roger Bowen (Chair)
Mr David Collison
Mr Jonathan Giles (Treasurer)
Dr Onesimus Ngundu

Mr David Saunderson


Dr Emma Wild-Wood

     Mr Andrew Keiller

Revd Dr Philip Knights




Charitable Objectives

To advance the Christian faith, and to advance education in the Christian faith for the benefit of the public, and to promote the understanding of and engagement with Christian mission and World Christianity, in particular but not exclusively, in the universities of Cambridge.

This advancement includes:

  • The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide as a focus for the study of mission and world Christianity.
  • The presence of a Lectureship in mission studies, in the Cambridge Theological Federation, which expands horizons in training and scholarship and raises vocations to missionary ministry.
  • The provision of the Hall, in Market Street, as a place for meeting, prayer, advice, challenge, and celebration concerning world mission. This facility is now provided through Holy Trinity Church, the adjacent property.

Charity Number: 1144580

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