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Care for Creation

Mark of Mission: To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

The problems facing our natural world are increasingly evident. Global temperatures, sea levels and the list of species facing extinction are all rising – and so too is a realisation that our actions (or inaction) are largely to blame. Yet the Bible tells us that humans have a God-given mandate to care for our world –The Church has not always displayed a high regard for the world around us, in spite of knowing God as the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. “Why bother to care for the environment when heaven is really our home and the earth is going to be destroyed anyway?” goes much of Christian thinking on the environment. However Christians are increasingly aware that we are called to be stewards of creation, to look after it responsibly and carefully in a way that benefits the whole of creation and does not exploit its resources for the advantage of the wealthy few. Like the parable of the talents, God will want to know what we have done with the amazing gift of creation that he has entrusted to our care. Care for the environment is not an optional extra for a few concerned Christians on the fringes of the church, it is an integral part of our mission as God’s people.


Applications are welcomed for part-funding from those people who have been already accepted to work with A Rocha A Rocha is an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation.

A Rocha relies heavily on volunteer participation, in areas as diverse as ringing seabirds, leading children’s programmes, making meals for large groups, and working with Geographic Information Systems. Past volunteers report significant consequences such as career development, heightened cross-cultural understanding and an expanded sense of community following their time at A Rocha.

Visit Opportunities with A Rocha for current openings and the online application form, noting that you are interested in the CCCW bursary. The CCCW will be offering 2 partial bursaries for this scheme.

The deadline is 10th May 2017. Please apply to the Encounter Co-ordinator by downloading the application form here .


Conditions of Scheme

  1. The Centre makes available small bursaries each calendar year for those with personal Cambridge links, who are sympathetic to the Christian nature of the Centre and who seek to be involved in short-term research into furthering the understanding of God’s creation. This will assist suitable individuals to undertake a short term project with the international Christian conservation organisation, A Rocha.
  2. It is expected that for the duration of the project the hosting body will be responsible for the candidate in all areas regarding living, location and well-being. Applicants would be expected to volunteer for at least four weeks.
  3. Normal conditions of the Encounter Scheme Bursaries apply.


Suggested Resources

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John Ray Institute 

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For many more intercultural and mission-related readings and resources visit the CCCW Library.

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