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WELCOME TO THE ENCOUNTER SCHEME, from the Encounter co-ordinator


Applicants must be between the ages of 18-40 or mature students. Do you have a personal connection with Cambridge? Do you wish to gain a deeper understanding of Christianity worldwide?

The Encounter Scheme is for you. The scheme provides bursaries for people wishing to gain intercultural experience in the UK and abroad. The Encounter Co-ordinator facilitates the scheme and nurtures interest in the world church through contact with Cambridge students groups, chaplaincies and churches.

Candidates are encouraged to engage with the Five Marks of Mission, whilst seeking to learn from a culture different to their own and considering how to support local Christians within such a culture.

To find out more about the Encounter Scheme please watch this video.


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Conditions of Encounter Scheme Bursaries

The Trust makes available a number of bursaries of up to £1000 each calendar year to assist suitable individuals to undertake a placement allowing them to participate in the life and work of the worldwide church. Placements may be undertaken within the UK or abroad, but must involve the applicant being immersed in a culture different from their own.

First application round:

Deadline - Monday 30th January 2017
Notification of results to applicants - Tuesday 14th February 2017


Second application round:

Deadline - Monday 8th May 2017
Notification of results to applicants - Tuesday 23rd May 2017


2017 Induction day: Saturday 10th June

2017 Debrief evening: Wednesday 11th October


Such visits will involve close co-operation with a local church and/or mission agency.

  1. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-40 or a mature student
  2. A personal link to Cambridge must be demonstrated.
  3. Applications are welcomed from those who seek to inform their present and future career through experience of the intercultural nature of Christianity worldwide.
  4. The length of the placement should be no shorter than four weeks.
  5. A link with a local church is expected, as well as appropriate supervision during the placement.
  6. In all cases the candidates must be prepared to undergo induction and de-briefing arrangements (details of dates included in the application forms).
  7. Only one Encounter Scheme bursary is available per applicant.
  8. At the end of the placement, a short report is required.  CCCW has the right to use this to help publicise the Encounter scheme. 

Candidates will be expected to observe and participate in the life of the culture within which they are placed. Critical reflection on the nature of relationships and mission within the worldwide church is encouraged. This will be aided by ongoing supervision taking place throughout the placement, as well as induction and debriefing. 

Candidates undertaking a placement on their own will normally be preferred compared to those travelling with a group. Candidates lacking inter-cultural experience will be given priority.


  1. Each applicant will be required to submit a statement outlining the aims and reasons for the proposed visit, with full details of anticipated expenditure. The applicant must be prepared to make a realistic contribution towards the cost of the visit from their own resources.
  2. The successful applicants will be required, on their return, to submit a written report to the Trustees, summarising the outcome of their visit. In addition they will be expected to make a presentation to their church/college/fellowship group.

DOWNLOAD :   Application form             Letter to referees

Tips for applicants when answering Q.'s 3 & 4 of the application form:


Submit application forms, and queries, to:

Ms Heather Pritchard

Encounter Co-ordinator

Email:  encounter@cccw.cam.ac.uk

Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide
Westminster College
Madingley Rd

01223 330640



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