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Sharing Good News

Mark of Mission: To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom

This expression is taken from the teaching of Jesus himself, who saw the Kingdom of God coming in his words and deeds. Then he commissioned his disciples and followers to share this good news with others. There are lots of different ways of explaining the gospel and many different places from which one can start. This mark of mission has traditionally been linked to evangelism through verbal proclamation, i.e. explaining topics such as sin, creation, the work of Christ on the cross or sharing what difference Jesus makes in someone’s life. To learn to share the good news with other people in their context is a privilege – understanding what speaks to them and connects with their experience through stories of faith, times of doubt and joy, of discovery and growth.


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Other individual placements, organised in partnership with a recognised organisation, may be eligible to apply for a CCCW grant – speak to the Encounter co-ordinator regarding individual circumstances.

Suggested Resources

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Male, Dave & Weston, Paul The Word’s Out: Speaking the Gospel Today, Abingdon, BRF, 2013

Newbigin, Leslie, ‘Foolishness to the Greeks’, Access this article here

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For many more intercultural and mission-related readings and resources visit the CCCW Library.

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