Henry Martyn Trust

Donating Books to the CCCW

We have been very thankful for books that have been kindly donated to the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide Library (formerly the Henry Martyn Library) over the years.

We are a small library and so space is at a premium. In order for us to make the best use of our current space we review any book donations before we accept them.

If you have academic books that relate to Christianity in the non-Western world, including theology or biographies of church leaders or relating to the history of the missionary, ecumenical, and evangelical movements - for example, books from the library of a missionary or missiologist, or a mission studies section of a library that is closing down - and you would like to offer them to us, could you please email or write to the Librarian, Mrs Ruth MacLean providing her with a list of titles, authors, publisher and publishing date.

This will enable her to review the list to see which ones we would be happy to accept. We don't normally accept duplicate copies.

All books that are accepted will be catalogued within the University Library Catalogue so that their presence in our library is widely available to researchers.

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