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Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology

"The East Africa Journal of Theology became the Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology in 1990. It is a scholarly evangelical theological journal offering articles and book reviews relating to theology and ministry in Africa. AJET is published twice a year by the staff of the Scott Christian University School of Theology (formerly Scott Theological College) in Kenya."

Anabaptist Witness

 “Anabaptist Witness is a global Anabaptist and Mennonite dialogue on key issues facing the church in mission. Issues come out twice a year (April and October), and are freely available online and for purchase in print …The new issue is on the theology of religions, and has contributors from the US, Canada, the Netherlands, South Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Spain. Below is a short issue description:

“Consideration of the church's missional constitution and context lead to the claim that interaction with religious others is a necessary element of Anabaptist witness. But what does this interaction look like? What should it look like? What resources do Christian theology and missiology offer as guides to understanding and engaging other religions? The essays in this issue of Anabaptist Witness offer various responses to these questions, questions that make up the field of the "theology of religions. In spite of their differences, each of the essays points to lived encounter with persons and communities of other religions. It is in encounter that identity markers and community borders are negotiated, and it is in encounter that religious gifts can be given and received. For some contributors encounter represents openness to "the Other"; for others it makes peacemaking possible; and for others it is the moment in which the call to conversion can be made. For all, encounter with religious others is intrinsic to Anabaptist witness.”

Asian Christian Review

Biblical Studies.org.uk

"Purpose: To make high quality theological material available throughout the world, thus providing Bible teachers and pastors with the resources they need to spread the Gospel in their countries. This is achieved by:

  • Digitising and uploading in co-operation with authors and publishers, rare and out-of-print theology books and articles. Over 24,000 articles are now available for free download
  • Providing detailed bibliographies for Seminary level students and ministers.
  • Providing a single cross-linked resource made up of seven websites collectively known as "Theology on the Web""

International Journal of Frontier Missions

Journal of Global Christianity

 “The impetus for this journal is born out of three desires. One is to provide the global church an opportunity to interact with each other on topics that impact them directly. As such, we have committed to making this journal free of charge and translating the content into a variety of languages in order to provide non-English readers access to theological discussions.

“The second is to spur on those in particular who have an overwhelming amount of access to educational opportunities to see the need more clearly and possibly be moved to even help meet that need. It might require moving to another culture or committing to partnering with someone to offer modular courses where the need is great. One might think we are referring primarily of Americans, but we would be remiss not to acknowledge that there are many good theologians that have arisen from places like Kenya, Brazil, Korea and Singapore.

“Lastly, we hope that the issues raised in this journal will be both challenging and encouraging to readers around the world. Whether we are introducing an unknown story of a Christian leader's work or examining the manner in which particular passages from the Bible impact different cultures, we trust the reader will have their eyes opened to the impact and complexity of Christian faith around the world.”

United Methodist Studies: Basic Bibliographies



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