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Periodicals in the CCCW Library

The library subscribes to a wide variety of periodicals, including those published in the non-Western world.

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AACC Bulletin Delhi Brotherhood Society Social Development Work pictures at Sremapuri c1980 - Transport for the sponsored children from Nand Nagri (2 miles) (CMD11/No 6)

Abstracts: European Muslims and Christian-Muslim relations

Acta missiologiae: journal for reflection on missiological issues and mission practice in Central and Eastern Europe

Africa: Journal of the International African Institute

African Affairs: Journal of the Royal African Society

African Christian Studies

Africa Currents

Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology

AFER: African Ecclesial Review

African Research and Documentation

AICMAR Bulletin

Anabaptist Witness



Article 227

Asian Christian Review

ASAUK Newsletter

Asian Missions Advance

Australian Journal of Mission Studies

Bangalore Theological Forum

Bodija Journal

British & Irish Association for Mission Studies, Occasional Newsletter

British Journal of Theological Education

Bulletin for Contextual Theology in South Africa & Africa

Bulletin of the Scottish Institute of Missionary Studies

Bulletin of the Association of British Theological & Philosophical Libraries

Bulletin on Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa

Bulletin of the Scottish Institute of Missionary Studies

Bulletin of the Society for African Church History

Catholic Witness

Church and Society in Asia Today

The Church Overseas: An Anglican Review of Missionary Thought & Work

CMS Newsletter

CTC Bulletin

Dharma Deepika: A South Asian Journal of Missiological Research

Discernment: A Christian Journal of Inter-Religious Encounter

Drishtikone: Evangelical Perspectives on Mission and Ethics

The East & West Review: An Anglican Overseas Quarterly

EFAC Bulletin (EFAC is the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion)

EMQ: Evangelical Missions Quarterly

Evangelical Review of Theology (publication of World Evangelical Fellowship Theological Commission)

Exchange: Journal of Missiological & Ecumenical Research

LFM: Le Fait Missionaire (continues as: Social Sciences of Missions)

Forum Mission

The Gospel and Our Culture (North America)

The Gospel and Our Culture Network Newsletter

Indian Church History Review

Indian Journal of Theology

Mission Today

Intermission: an Australian Journal of Mission

Interkulturelle Theologie

International Bulletin of Mission Research (previously: International Bulletin of Missionary Research)

International Review of Mission

Islam and Christian Muslim Relations

Jahrbuch Mission

Journal for the Study of Religion

The Japan Christian Review

JTCA:The Journal of Theologies and Cultures in Asia

Journal of African Christian Thought

Journal of Constructive Theology (continues as Journal of Gender & Religion in Africa)

Journal of Gender & Religion in Africa

The Journal of the Henry Martyn Institute

Journal of Interculturation Theology

Journal of Latin American Theology

Journal of Religion and Theology in Namibia

Journal of Religion in Africa

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Journal of Theology for South Africa

Missiology: An International Review

Mission Focus

Mission Round Table: the Occasional Bulletin of OMF International Mission Research

Mission Studies: Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies

Mission Today: A Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research

Missionalia: South African Journal of Missiology

Neue Zeitshrift fur Missionwissenschaft

Newsletter: Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

New Slant: An Initiative for Religion and Cultures

Orita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies

Pacific Islands Monthly

The Pacific Journal of Theology

Perspectives Missionnairies

Pro Veritate

PTCA Bulletin

Quest: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Asian Christian Scholars

Religion and Society

Religion in Communist Lands

Religion in Malawi: An annual Publication produced by the Dept of Theology and Religious Studies, Chancellor College, University of Malawi

Reporter: East Africa's Fortnightly News Magazine

Research papers: Muslims in Europe

The Review of Faith and International Affairs

SALG Newsletter (South Asia Library Group)

Sierre Leone Studies

Simon of Cyrene Theological Institute Journal

Social Sciences and Missions

The South East Asia Journal of Theology

South Pacific Journal of Mission Studies

SMT: Swedish Missiological Themes/ Svensk MissionsTidskrift (continued as Global Christian Studies)

Studies in World Christianity

Sudan Church Review

Tam Tam: A publication of the All Africa Conference of Churches

Tangaza Journal of Theology and Mission

TCNN Research Bulletin

Telema: Revue de Relexion et Creativite Chretiennes en Afrique

Theology in Context

Third Millennium: Indian Journal of Evangelization

Transformation: an International Dialogue on Evangelical Social Ethics

Uganda Church Review

Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection


Voices from the Third World

The Weekly Review

West African Journal of Ecclesial Studies

West African Religion

World Dominion: An International Review of Christian Progress

World Faiths Encounter

Zertschrift fur Mission

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