Henry Martyn Trust

Research Institutes

American Society of Missiology

Boston University Center for Global Christianity and Mission.

Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals.

Centre for Missiology and World Christianity, University of Birmingham.

Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World (CSCNWW), University of Edinburgh.

Central European Centre for Mission Studies is an ecumenical, Protestant, non-profit missiology organization established in 2006 by Czech, Slovak, and Korean pastors, theologians, and laypeople

Gospel and Our Culture Network continues the engagement with Western culture begun by the late Lesslie Newbigin. The site includes newsletters and other articles and links to other similar sites.

Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission

The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide (CCCW) site includes information about mission studies in Cambridge and links to other initiatives in mission studies.

Institute of Missiology, Aachen site gives details of its publications and projects.

International Association for Mission Studies site has information about IAMS projects and an embryonic database of mission databases.

The Milltown Institute of Theology And Philosophy site includes a useful list of links to resources for the study of theology and cultures.

Maryknoll Mission Education.

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies publishes Regnum Books on mission and the journal Transformation. The site includes a list of thesis abstracts and extensive links.

SEDOS exists to exchange information and views on mission in the (Catholic) Church. Its site contains a large number of articles and information about working groups.

Swedish Institute of Missionary Research (SIM)

World Council of Churches has extensive resources on churches and world.

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