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Our new St Augustine collection of missiology books

The majority of our new collection of missiology books from the St Augustine Foundation Library has now been catalogued and they can all now be searched on iDiscover. The post-1916 books are available for loan and shelved with our existing collection. The pre-1900 books are secure in the STACKS collection of the archive room and can be fetched on request, for library use only. The 1900-1915 books are on the open shelves, library use only.

For a listing of 489 books, search for "St Augustine College Library" on iDiscover.

Our grateful thanks

We wish to thank Mr Manuel del Campo, who worked tirelessly to catalogue them, to a very high standard; also to the many library volunteers who worked hard to do the initial processing, and Terry Barringe who spent several hours with the Librarian unboxing and shelving them on arrival. The Librarian and one of her volunteers, Mr David Radcliffe, re-classified and re-labelled them all.











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