Heritage Lottery Fund projects

The Centre was awarded a £6,800 grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund. See how we used it to help celebrate Cambridge’s tradition of service overseas through sound archives, an audio tour, witness seminars, significant conferences and a launch day.


An audio tour, sound archives, and a launch day:

The Free Audio Tour of Henry Martyn’s Cambridge

Listen to some sound archives on the talking telephone

The Launch/Open Day on 25 October 2014

Witness Seminars and Conferences:

Three witness seminars were given in October last year, and May and June of this year, for the Cambridge Seventy research project which is being undertaken through the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. The first part of the project has aimed at understanding the early experiences of members of the Seventy in the UK and then overseas. We hope to follow this up by looking at later developments.

The Centre hosted the Religious Archive Group (RAG) conference at the CCCW on 4th June 2015 where the members were able to view the extensive library and  archives.

The Centre received a visit from the Association of the British Theological and Philosophical Libraries (ABTAPL) on 14th April 2015. A large group of Librarians from Theological Libraries across the UK attended the ABTAPL conference hosted by Westminster College, Cambridge. As part of their programme, they visited the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide library. Dr Emma Wild-Wood gave them a history of the Centre and its library and this was followed by tours of the library and the archives.