New publication from the CCCW

Relocating World Christianity

A new book co-edited by the CCCW director, Emma Wild-Wood, and Cambridge colleagues, Prof David Maxwell and Dr Joel Cabrita, offers a new perspective on World Christianity studies. It explains why scholarship has focused upon the local and the regional and argues for the importance of transregional connections in the study of Christianity worldwide.

Relocating World Christianity: Interdisciplinary Studies in Universal and Local Expressions of the Christian Faith is newly published in print and electronically by Brill.

Case-studies by J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Naures Atto, Pedro Feitoza, David C. Kirkpatrick, Chandra Mallampalli, Dorottya Nagy, Peter C. Phan, Andrew Preston, Joel Robbins, Chloe Starr, Charlotte Walker-Said highlight the universalist, globalising aspirations of many Christians worldwide.

“While we do not neglect the importance of the local, our aim is to give due weight to the significant transregional networks and exchanges that have constituted Christian communities, both historically and in the present day.” — back cover

A print copy will be available soon in our library.