New publication by Muthuraj Swamy is released!

Swamy, Muthuraj (2018) Reconciliation, SPCK. ISBN: 978-0281080083

The CCCW is delighted to announce that the new Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2019, authored by our director, Muthuraj Swamy, is to be released tomorrow!

Available for £9.99 from Amazon and the publisher SPCK.

Global in scope, but homing in on the role ordinary people play in conflict and division, Reconciliation enables Christians to engage confidently in a ministry bequeathed to us by Christ himself.

The book issues a vibrant call to the church to support and strengthen relationships amongst church members; to cross borders to build connections with different denominations, and to maintain open attitudes towards our neighbours from other religions and ideologies.

Forty biblically-based meditations introduce topics such as Impediments to reconciliation, risking the self, humility and self-criticism, radical openness to the other andpeace with justice. Questions for reflection are included, making Reconciliation suitable for use at weekly gatherings or for everyday devotion during Lent.

SPCK, Publisher

A thoroughly biblical guide to reconciliation – its passions and problems, its complexity and utter cruciality. Dr Swamy offers new angles on old stories, prophetic messages, and a gospel wisdom on becoming people of peace.

PROFESSOR DAVID F. FORD, University of Cambridge