JANUARY 2019 – what’s new in the library?

Those who have been into the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide library will have seen our new and exciting CTF libraries guide, hot off the press!

If you would like a free copy, pop along to the library and pick one up. Or download the free pdf below.

So you will always know which library collection to find the research resources that you need, and when and where to access these.

We thought you might like to see what new books are arriving onto our shelves. So here are three new books added in January. They are currently on the new acquisitions display shelf if you want to come and see them for yourself.


  • Opas, Minna and Haapalainen, Anna, editors (2017) Christianity and the limits of materiality (Bloomsbury Studies in Material Religion) Bloomsbury Academic, Gift of Terry Barringe
  • Kangwa, Jonathan (2017) Pentecostalism, mainline churches, and theological education in Africa: the case of the United Church of Zambia Saint Paul Press, Texas, Author’s gift
  • Kangwa, Jonathan (2017) Gender, Christianity and African culture: reclaiming the values of indigenous marriage and female initiation rites Saint Paul Press, Texas, Author’s gift

The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide library is always growing, purchasing new books throughout the year and adding donated ones to the library. Here are the ones added in 2018:



  • Dinkelaker, Bernhard (2017) How is Jesus Christ Lord? Reading Kwame Bediako from a postcolonial and intercontextual perspective (African Theological Studies, volume 14) Peter Lang
  • Doyle, G. Wright, editor (2015) Builders of the Chinese Church: pioneer Protestant missionaries and Chinese church leaders (Studies in Chinese Christianity) Pickwick Publications
  • Fountain, A. Kay, editor. (2016) Theological education in a cross-cultural context: essays in honor of John and Bea Carter Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Press
  • Swamy, Muthuraj (2016) The problem with interreligious dialogue: plurality, conflict and elitism in Hindu-Christian-Muslim relations (Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies) Bloomsbury


  • Kanjamala, Augustine (2014) The future of Christian mission in India: toward a new paradigm for the third millenium (Missional church, public theology, world Christianity, vol. 4) Pickwick Publications


  • An, Keon-Sang (2015) An Ethiopian reading of the Bible: biblical interpretation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (American Society of Missiology monograph series) Pickwick Publications
  • Chang, Lit-sen (2013) Wise man from the East: Lit-sen Chang (Zhang Lisheng): critique of indigenous theology; critique of humanism (Studies in Chinese Christianity), edited by G. Wright Doyle. Translated by G. Wright Doyle and Samuel Ling Pickwick Publications
  • Cowley, Roger W. (1983) The traditional interpretation of the Apocalypse of St John in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (University of Cambridge Oriental Publications, no. 33) Cambridge University Press
  • Goheen, Michael W. (2014) Introducing Christian mission today: Scripture, history and issues IVP Academic
  • Hollinger, David A. (2017) Protestants abroad: how missionaries tried to change the world but changed America Princeton University Press
  • Sunquist, Scott W. and Yong, Amos, editors (2015) The gospel and pluralism today: reassessing Lesslie Newbigin in the 21st century (Missiological engagements) IVP Academic


  • Adams, Graham (2010) Christ and the other: in dialogue with Hick and Newbigin Ashgate
  • Adeney, Frances S. (2010) Graceful evangelism: Christian witness in a complex world Baker Academic
  • Clarke, Sathianathan (2017) Competing fundamentalisms: violent extremism in Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism Westminster John Knox Press
  • Roger E. Hedlund (2017) Christianity made in India: from Apostle Thomas to Mother Teresa Fortress Press
  • Arun W. Jones (2017) Missionary Christianity and local religion: American Evangelicalism in North India, 1836-1870 Baylor University Press
  • Sachs, William L., editor (2018) The Oxford history of Anglicanism, Volume V: Global Anglicanism, c.1910-2000 Oxford University Press
  • Strong, Rowan, editor (2017) The Oxford history of Anglicanism, Volume III: Partisan Anglicanism and its global expansion, 1829-c.1914 Oxford University Press


  • Aldridge, Boone (2018) For the gospel’s sake: the rise of the Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (Studies in the History of Christian Missions), William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
  • Amaladoss, Michael (2017) Interreligious encounters: opportunities and challenges, Orbis Books
  • Baker, David W., general editor (2004) Biblical faith and other religions: an evangelical assessment, Kregel Academic & Professional
  • Braybrooke, Marcus (2016) Widening vision: the world congress of faiths and the growing interfaith movement, Braybrooke Press
  • Chai, Teresa, editor (2014) A theology of the Spirit in doctrine and demonstration: essays in honor of Wonsuk and Julie Ma, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Press
  • Engcoy, Dynnice Rosanny D. (2014) Pentecostal pioneer: the life and legacy of Rudy Esperanza in the early years of the Assemblies of God in the Philippines, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Press
  • Gonzalez, Ondina E. and Gonzalez, Justo L. (2014) Nuestra Fe: a Latin American church history sourcebook, Abingdon Press
  • Gros, Jeffrey, Best, Thomas F. and Fuchs, Lorelei F., editors (2007) Growth in agreement III: international dialogue texts and agreed statements, 1998-2005. WCC Publications, Geneva, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
  • Jain, Meenakshi (2016) Sati: Evangelicals, Baptist missionaries, and the changing colonial discourse, Aryan Books International
  • Katongole, Emmanuel (2017) The journey of reconciliation: groaning for new creation in Africa, Orbis Books
  • Lamport, Mark A. (2018) Encyclopedia of Christianity in the global South. Volumes 1 and 2. Rowman & Littlefield
  • Ma, Wonsuk, Menzies, William W. and Bae, Hyeon-sung, editors (2004) David Yonggi Cho: a close look at his theology and ministry. Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies Series, 1, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Press
  • Mtingele, Mkunga H. P. (2017) Leadership and conflict in African churches: the Anglican experience. (Studies in Episcopal and Anglican Theology series, vol. 11) Peter Lang
  • Pennington, J. Paul (2017) Christian barriers to Jesus: conversations and questions from the Indian context, William Carey Library
  • Stanley, Brian (2018) Christianity in the twentieth century: a world history, Princeton University Press
  • Van Engen, Charles (2017) Transforming mission theology, William Carey Library


  • Barram, Michael (2018) Missional economics: biblical justice and Christian formation. (The gospel and our culture series) William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
  • Fiedler, Klaus (2018) Interdenominational faith missions in Africa: history and ecclesiology, Mzuni Press
  • Lee, Sang Yun (2018) A theology of hope: contextual perspectives in Korean Pentecostalism. (APTS Press monograph series, no. 4) Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Press


  • Moreau, A. Scott (2018) Contextualizing the faith: a holistic approach Baker Academic
  • Peterson, Paul Silas, editor (2018) The decline of established Christianity in the Western world: interpretations and responses (Studies in World Christianity and Interreligious Relations) Routledge
  • Ross, Kenneth R., Tadros, Mariz and Johnson, Todd M., editors (2018) Christianity in North Africa and West Asia (Edinburgh Companions to Global Christianity series) Edinburgh University Press
  • Zink, Jesse A. (2018) Christianity and catastrophe in South Sudan: civil war, migration, and the rise of Dinka Anglicanism (Studies in World Christianity) Baylor University Press


  • M’fundisi-Holloway, Naar (2018) Pentecostal and Charismatic spiritualities and civic engagement in Zambia (CHARIS: Christianity and renewal–interdisciplinary studies series) Palgrave Macmillan
  • Ross, Cathy and Smith, Colin, editors (2018) Missional conversations: a dialogue between theory and praxis in world mission SCM Press



  • Anglican Consultative Council (1998) Women in the Anglican Episcopate: theology, guidelines, and practice. The Eames Commission and the Monitoring Group Reports Anglican Book Centre, Toronto, Canada, Two copies: 1. Gift of Dame Mary Elizabeth Tanner. 2. Gift of Anglican Communion Office
  • Barker, Ash (2012) Slum life rising: how to enflesh hope within a new urban world Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH Publishing), Gift of Ash Barker, author
  • Church of England’s Council for Christian Unity (1999) Conversations between The British and Irish Anglican Churches and The French Lutheran and Reformed Churches: called to witness and service. The Reuilly Common Statement with essays on Church, eucharist and ministry Church House Publishing, Gift of Dame Mary Elizabeth Tanner
  • Forrestal, Alison (2017) Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist mission, and French Catholic reform Oxford University Press, Gift of Terry Barringe
  • Lopez Jr, Donald S. and Thupten Jinpa (2017) Dispelling the darkness: a Jesuit’s quest for the soul of Tibet Harvard University Press, Gift of Terry Barringe
  • Tong, Daniel (2003) A biblical approach to Chinese traditions and beliefs Genesis Books, Singapore, Gift of Dr Emma Wild-Wood, former CCCW Director


  • Behrend, Heike (2011) Resurrecting cannibals: the Catholic Church, witch-hunts and the production of pagans in Western Uganda James Currey, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Das, Rupen and Davidson, Julie, with Fleming-Farrell, Niamh, editor (2011) Profiles of poverty: the human face of poverty in Lebanon Dar Manhal al Hayat, Lebanon, Gift of Rev Colin Chapman, former CCCW Trustee
  • Gunner, Elizabeth, editor and translator (2004) The man of heaven and the beautiful ones of God = Umuntu Wasezulwini Nabantu Abahle Bakankulunkulu: Isaiah Shembe and the Nazareth Church = Isiah Shembe neBandla lamaNazaretha University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Hof, Eleonora Dorothea (2016) Reimagining mission in the postcolonial condition: a theology of vulnerability and vocation at the margins (Mission 57) Thesis Boekencentrum Academic, Gift of Dr Emma Wild-Wood, former CCCW Director
  • Hofmeyr, J.W. and Cross, K.E. (1988) History of the church in Southern Africa: Volume 2. A select bibliography of published material 1981-1985 University of South Africa, Pretoria, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Isichei, Elizabeth (1980) Entirely for God: the life of Michael Iwene Tansi Macmillan, Nigeria, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Kim, Sebasian and Kim, Kirsteen (2016) Christianity as a world religion: an introduction. Second edition. Bloomsbury Academic, Gift of Terry Barringe
  • Koilpillai, Victor and Balasundaram, Praveena (2010) 300 years of the SPCK in India ISPCK, Gift of Rev James Gardom and Rev Monodeep Daniel
  • Marsveld, H., Schwinn, D., and Kühnel, J.C. [Bredekamp, H.C., Plüddeman, H.E.F. and Flegg, A.B.L. editors and translator] (1992) The Genadendal diaries: diaries of the Herrnhut missionaries, Volumes 1 and 2. University of the Western Cape Institute for Historical Research, Bellville, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Mills, D.Y. (1914) An African priest and missionary: being a sketch of the life of Leonard Mattiya Kamungu, priest, of the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa Universities’ Mission to Central Africa, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Nolan, Francis WF (1978?) Mission to the Great Lakes: the White Fathers in Western Tanzania, 1878-1978 T.M.P. Book Deparment, Tanzania, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Schlehlein, Paul (2017) John G. Paton: missionary to the cannibals of the South Seas Banner of Truth Trust, Gift of Dr Donald John MacLean
  • Shorter, Aylward WF (1973) African culture and the Christian Church: an introduction to social and pastoral anthropology Geoffrey Chapman, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Sithole, Ndabaningi (1970) Obed Mutezo: the Mudzimu Christian nationalist Oxford University Press, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe


  • Sinker, Robert (1903) Memorials of the Hon. Ion Keith-Falconer, late Lord Almoner’s Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge, and missionary to the Mohammedans of southern Arabia Bello and Co., Gift of Rob Bradshaw of “Theology on the Web”


  • Dreher, Rod (2017) The Benedict option: a strategy for Christians in a post-Christian nation Sentinel, Gift of Dr Ian Randall
  • Flanders, Ian (2016) The gospel in African soil: African traditional religion and its implications for the Church Grace Baptist Mission, Gift of Stephen Gregory, husband of former CCCW Librarian, Jane Gregory
  • Linden, Ian (1980) The Catholic Church and the struggle for Zimbabwe Longman Group Ltd, Gift of Prof. John Iliffe
  • Prill, Thorsten (2017) Luther, Calvin and the mission of the Church: the mission theology and practice of the Protestant Reformers GRIN Verlag, Author’s gift


  • Egede, Hans, Stach, Matthew, and his associates (186-?) Lives of missionaries: Greenland SPCK


  • Ankrah, Canon Kodwo E. (1998) Development and the Church of Uganda: mission, myths and metaphors Acton Publishers, Gift of Rev. Roger Bowen, Chair of the Trustees, CCCW
  • Eglington, A. L. (1996) Fifty years of joys, trials and triumphs in ‘Green hell’ L. Poocalpeenoh, Anonymous gift
  • Kanyoro, Musimbi R.A. and Njoroge, Nyambura J., editors (1996) Groaning in faith: African women in the household of God Acton Publishers, Gift of Rev. Roger Bowen, Chair of the Trustees, CCCW
  • Randall, Ian M. (2018) A Christian peace experiment: the Bruderhof community in Britain, 1933-1942 Cascade Books, Gift of Dr. Ian Randall, author.
  • Wamue, Grace and Getui, Mary, editors (1996) Violence against women: reflections by Kenyan women theologians Acton Publishers, Gift of Rev. Roger Bowen, Chair of the Trustees, CCCW


  • Bowen, Roger (2007; reissued 2012) “…So I send you”: a study guide to mission, SPCK, Author’s gift
  • Fahy, John & Bock, Jan-Jonathan, authors; Hargreaves, Julian, editor (2018) Beyond dialogue? Interfaith engagement in Delhi, Doha & London Georgetown University in Qatar & the Woolf Institute, Gift of the Woolf Institute


  • Daughrity, Dyron B. (2018) Rising. The amazing story of Christianity’s resurrection in the global south. Minnesota : Fortress Press, Gift of Terry Barringe
  • Ha, Yong-jo (2017) The dream of an Acts-like church: Onnuri Community Church’s ecclesiology and pastoral philosophy, Duranno Ministry, Gift of the Global Mission Leadership Forum, Connecticut
  • McConnell, Douglas (2018) Cultural insights for Christian leaders: new directions for organizations serving God’s mission (Mission in global community series) Baker Academic, Gift of Terry Barringe
  • Yang, Fenggang, Tong, Joy K.C., & Anderson, Allan H., editors (2017) Global Chinese Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity (Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies, volume 22) Brill, Gift of Terry Barringe


  • Gordon, Philip (2018) Sudan: snapshots of my life in the Sudan, 1965 to 1985 Self-published, Gift of Dr. Ian Randall (originally author’s gift to him)
  • Gray, Frank (2018) Close to the listener: adventures in broadcasting in Asia GrayMark Publishing, Publisher’s gift
  • Shaw, R. Daniel and Burrows, William R., editors (2018) Traditional ritual as Christian worship: dangerous syncretism or necessary hybridity? (American Society of Missiology Series, No. 56) Orbis Books, Gift of Dr Terry Barringe
  • Zeiler, Johannes H. (2018) Crafting Lutheran pastors in Tanzania: perceptions of theological education and formation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (Studia missionalia svecana series, vol. 119), Author’s gift

— Ruth MacLean