Date of creation: 1979 to 2011
Extent: 1 bundle, 2 files
CCCW Catalogue:
Keywords: Zaire, Congo, Anglican Church, Province of Burundi, Rwanda, and Zaire

The Zaire Church Association was formed in 1976 by Philip Ridsdale (q.v.). In 1997 it changed its name to the Congo Church Association. This is a virtually complete series of the newsletters from their commencement by Philip Ridsdale, with some predecessors produced by him for the Diocese of Boga.  It is a likely harbinger of future deposit of substantial archive of the Association.  The personal papers of Canon William Norman, General Commissary of the Province of Zaire 1992-2010, ex officio on the committee and a trustee of the Association (effectively its principal executive officer) were formerly catalogued as archives of the Association but have now been separated.

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