Date of creation: 2012 to 2015
Extent: 9 recordings, available within Centre on CD
Keywords: missionaries, Cambridge Seventy, Henry Martyn Trust.

These are recordings made by staff of the Centre as part of particular projects or where opportunity has presented itself. Formally they are part of the Trust’s archive. Principal holdings are:

Modern Missionary Interviews 2012: A series undertaken in May-June 2012 by Jonathan Earle, interviewing Bishop Simon Barrington-Ward, David Leake, Canon Brian Macdonald-Milne (b.1935, missionary in Solomon Islands and New Hebrides/Vanuatu 1964-80, with continuing interest in Melanesian Brotherhood and Melanesian Mission), Dr Hebe Welbourn 2012. A separate interview made of Basil and Shirley Scott, missionaries in India 1963-83 and in Asian immigrant community in Leicester, U.K., 1983-2000.

Henry Martyn Overseas Mission Advisors 2013-14
Interviews of John and Jennifer Cooper and Sue Anderson (Overseas or World Mission Advisers1982-2014)

Witness Seminars 2014-15: Three group interviews of missionaries by Emma Wild-Wood, CCCW Director, before an invited audience at Westminster College as part of a project Celebrating Cambridge’s Tradition of Service Overseas, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. The first two focused on the influence of Cambridge (particularly the role of CICCU and The Cambridge Seventy), the last on the experiences of children of missionaries caught up in the East African Revival.
The missionaries participating were: Revd. Keith Ranger, Revd. Basil and Mrs Shirley Scott (see above), Canon John Wheatley Price (CMS missionary in East Africa 1960-77), Janet King (missionary in Sudan 1995-2010), Revd. Ray Lockhart (missionary with Church Mission to the Jews in Israel 1989-2002), Canon Brian Macdonald-Milne (see above), Stephen Brazier (son of Bishop of Ruanda-Urundi, teacher in Uganda 1962-29), Dr John Church (son of Dr Joe Church, doctor/lecturer in medicine in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya 1959-73), Dr Robin Church (b.1935, son of Joe Church, doctor in Uganda 962-72) and Christine Paterson (daughter of Peter and Elisabeth Guillebaud, missionaries in Rwanda, missionary in Taiwan 1975-78, and to Chinese Church from U.K and Far East to 2015. A separate interview was submitted to the project from John Callow (Bible translator for Wycliffe Bible Translators dealing with languages in Brazil, west Africa, Russia and Iran 1957-2015) and a written submission was made by Revd. Robert Hyatt, vicar of Kowloon, Hong Kong, 1969-78).