Date of Creation: 1942 to 2001
Extent: About 85 items and 91 photographs (colour slides)
CCCW Catalogue: preliminary list available
Keywords: Council for World Mission, Papua New Guinea, Rhodesia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Swedish Covenant Church.

Revd. Ronald Bocking was a minister within the Congregational and United Reformed Churches from the 1960s to c.1990. He took a particular interest in world mission and served as secretary for the joint committee of Congregational and Presbyterian churches on overseas mission, in preparation for the creation of the United Reformed Church in 1972, and thereafter on the URC’s Council for World Mission, making several overseas for Council and consultative meetings, with a particular interest in southern Africa and the Far East. These are mainly his papers as a member of this Council. See also the papers related to the Congregational Council for World Mission.

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