Date of creation: 1950s to 2006
Extent: 4 folders
CCCW Catalogue: SEV
Keywords: mission, Cambridge

The term ‘Cambridge Seventy’ was coined to describe a group of students from Cambridge who became overseas missionaries in or after 1955. The name was a conscious echo of the ‘Cambridge Seven’ who went to China in 1885. The history of the Cambridge Seventy is detailed in an occasional paper published by the CCCW in 2016.

This collection was given to the Centre by John Wheatley-Price, a member of the Seventy, and includes newsletters, prayer letters, and related correspondence among Seventy members; material related to the origination of the Seventy in the 1950s, and material related to the 30th and 50th anniversaries of the Seventy in 1985 and 2005.

Additional prayer letters and papers about the 2005 reunion and background research correspondence for the occasional paper on Cambridge Seventy have also been received (Acc 2015/03, 2016/02, 2017/06). Details on request.

Further resources

  • See also the CCCW’s Oral History Archive.
  • CCCW Occasional Paper by Dr. Ian Randall, The Cambridge Seventy: A Missionary Movement in Twentieth-Century Britain
  • .pdf catalogue of this collection