Date of creation: 1943-2017

Extent: 2 boxes (c.270 items)
CCCW Catalogue: WHI
Keywords: Presbyterian church, Taiwan, Bible translation, Paiwan, Guinnea-Bissau

Michael Drummond Whitehorn and John Nevile Whitehorn were brothers and sons of Roy Drummond Whitehorn, missionary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya and later principal of Westminster College in Cambridge from 1955 to 1963.

Michael Whitehorn served as a Presbyterian minister in various locations in England. John Whitehorn served as a missionary in Taiwan from 1951 onwards. He had a particular focus in his work on relations with indigenous people on the island and tralsnated the Bible into Paiwan. John’s son, David, served in Guinea-Bissau as a missionary with World Wide Evangelization for Christ.

This collection includes material from Michael, John, and David Whitehorn, notably an unpublished history of the overseas work of the Presbyterian Church by Michael, but the bulk of the collection related to John Whitehorn’s work in Taiwan, including memoirs and personal accounts of his work and his process of learning the Paiwan language.

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