Date of creation: 1919-1987

Extent: 16 boxes (equivalent)

CCCW Catalogue: preliminary lists available here: LEA Leake prelims

Keywords: Argentina, South American Missionary Society, Toba language, Mataco language, folklore

(William) Alfred Leake (1902-1991), was originally a lay South American Missionary Society (SAMS) missionary to the Toba and Mataco people of northern Argentina.  He took orders whilst on leave in U.K. in 1938-9, returning permanently only in 1954, and making a further tour of duty overlapping with his son David’s own service in the country (later as Bishop of North Argentina) in 1969-71.  The collection is strong in family correspondence describing life and work in the Argentine Chaco, including that of Alfred’s sister (Emily) Olive (mission nurse who married Henry Grubb, missionary and Bible translator) and includes also mission journals and substantial collections on culture and language of Toba and Wichi (Mataco) Indians.