Our People

CCCW Staff

Meet our dedicated and enthusiastic staff team of Director, Centre Coordinator, Director of Studies, Librarian, and Archivist.

Professorial Associates

Cambridge offers vibrant opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research in the field of World Christianity. Our Professorial Associates come from disciplines including World Christainities, Theology, World History, and Anthropology in the University of Cambridge.

Research Associates

We have been thrilled to welcome an increasing number of researchers from all around the world. Each one is pursuing an area of World Christianity of particular interest to them, and they share their research work in the CCCW community. Please visit this page for more details about our Research Associates.

Chair of the Friends of CCCW

The CCCW is supported by a network of Friends of CCCW, who make all our work possible, and we are extremely grateful for their interest and many ways of showing and providing their support. Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings is Friends of CCCW Chair, who was also the Founding Director of the Centre.

We are in the process of setting up a US Friends of CCCW, which is gaining interest. Details of the Board will follow shortly.

Trustees of the Henry Martyn Trust

The CCCW has a long history of dedicated support from the Trustees of the Henry Martyn Trust. Meet our current Trustees.