Our Partners

Cambridge is a world-class university city. Through informal relationships and formal partnerships, the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide is part of a broad network of scholarly and practice-oriented organizations across the city and the university.

The CCCW is located on the campus of Westminster College, an emerging location of critical scholarship and practical engagement with the religions of the world. The campus includes

The CCCW is a full member of the Cambridge Theological Federation, an ecumenical and inter-faith organisation that trains people for ministry and engages in research on the contemporary nature of Christianity. In addition to our partners on the campus of Westminster College, other members include Ridley Hall, Westcott House, Wesley House, the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, and the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology.

The CCCW is affiliated with the Divinity Faculty of Cambridge University, where we host our regular seminars and biennial lecture series. The director is an affiliate lecturer and contributes to a range of courses in the Faculty.

Through our relationship with the Federation, the CCCW is linked to Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, which validates the research degrees that the CCCW offers.

The Cambridge University Library is a short walk from the Centre and is a public deposit library in England. With some notice, visitors to the Centre may be able to have access to its more than eight million volumes.

There are a number of other research centres in Cambridge with whom we share informal links, many of which are only a short walk away. These include:

Visitors to the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide have access not simply to our resources and programmes but, through the Centre, to the vibrant and vigorous intellectual life in Cambridge.