Research Associates

The Centre has a small number of honorary research associates who work on specific projects related to the mission and work of the Centre, and the global church.

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Dr Angus Crichton helps to lead the Ngoma Ecumenical Publishing Consortium, which identifies and makes available in Uganda research on Ugandan Christianity. Angus lived in Uganda for two years and taught in a small theological college in Kampala. During this time, he came to realise that his students had little access to research and publications on Ugandan Christianity. He found this concern was shared with colleagues in other theological institutions and so the Ngoma Ecumenical Publishing Consortium was established. Angus has been a research associate at CCCW since 2010. Angus continues to identify research materials on Ugandan Christianity, with his personal interest focussing on the early history of Christianity in Uganda, as the resources in European archives are particularly rich for this period.

Dr Ian Randall has taught church history and spirituality since the early 1990s. He was based for much of that time in London, at Spurgeon’s College, and in Prague, where he supervised post-graduate students from across Central and Eastern Europe. In 2008 he moved to Cambridge, where he has combined theological and pastoral involvements. Ian has had a long-term interest in the study of movements of spiritual renewal and of missional initiatives. He is the author of several books and many essays and articles relating to these areas.
Ian has also written two books as part of a series of occasional papers, published by  the CCCW:  Cambridge Seventy.(2016), and ‘Cambridge Students and Christianity Worldwide: Insights from the 1960s.'(2019)

Revd Babatunde Adedibu holds a PhD in Missiology from North West University, South Africa and is the author of two books, Coat of Many Colours: Origin, Growth, Distinctiveness and Contributions of Black Majority Churches to British Christianity and, Storytelling: An Effective Communication Appeal in Preaching. Babatunde has served in the Redeemed Christian Church of God as an ordained minister for almost two decades and has been a member of the denomination for over twenty-five years.

Dr F. Lionel Young III serves as the Vice President and Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for Global Action. In addition to teaching responsibilities overseas, Lionel devotes his energy to strategic growth initiatives, opening new fields in the non-Western world, and expanding our network of ministry partners. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Stirling (Scotland), a Th.M. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Illinois), a M.Div. from Grace Theological Seminary (Indiana) and a B.A. from Grace College (Indiana). To find out more about Lionel’s role with Global Action click here.

Lionel recently published an article on the first bishop of the Africa Inland Church.

Marjorie Gourlay is a PhD scholar at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics, St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews.Her research explores Muslim and Christian theories of homeland and their implications for inter-religious dialogue in the context of refugee integration in North East Scotland.

Formerly Mission Partner with Church Mission Society, she has experience of life and work in two countries in the Middle East and more recently managed a bilingual refugee integration support service in Dundee.

At CCCW, Marjorie, as a Research Associate, is involved in a CCCW-Tearfund project investigating ‘The role of the local church in contributing to well-being in conflict affected fragile states.’