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The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide’ s archive collection spans the globe, shedding new light on the history, theology, and activities of Christians across time and across the world. The collection is regularly consulted by researchers working on specific projects as well as students who are learning more about research methods and the significance of archives. Portions of the collection are routinely on display throughout the Centre.

Some highlights include:

  • The papers Joe Church, a Cambridge graduate and missionary in Gahini, Rwanda, who carefully documented the early years of what became known as the East African Revival.
  • Material related to the transition from missionary leadership to indigenous leadership in churches around the world, particularly Nigeria and Congo.
  • Descriptions of Christians responding to uncertain political, economic, and security situations

The Archives are open to researchers, students, and other scholars. Please contact the archivist in advance of your intended visit to make appropriate arrangements. A simple registration process is required before accessing the archives. Please familiarize yourself with the Reading Room rules before arrival. The Centre offers a document reproduction service and permits photography by users subject to limitations of copyright law, donor wishes, preservation needs, and charges in force.

The Archivist is happy to answer enquiries about CCCW holdings and make brief checks of particular documents without charge. If readers are unable or do not wish to come and look at particular records he is also willing to carry out research into the content of particular documents, subject to the charges in force and time available.

The Centre’ s Archive collections are complemented by numerous other collections in Cambridge, including the papers of the British and Foreign Bible Society and the Royal Commonwealth Society. A listing of many of the archive collections in Cambridge is available on Janus.

About the Archivist

Philip Saunders had a long career as a senior archivist for the Cambridgeshire County Council before joining the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide in January 2015. Philip has a strong commitment to records preservation, both in the sense of extending collections and ensuring best practices for records in storage and use. He is keen on raising awareness of the value of archives by record publication and by outreach talks and exhibitions.


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