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Anderson, Norman

Date of Creation: 1901 to 1973
Extent: 48 items
CCCW Catalogue: AND
Keywords: Egypt, Islam, law
Letters and booklets relating to mission in Egypt, Uganda, India, China and elsewhere

Norman Anderson was a missionary, jurist, and writer on religion with strong Cambridge connections. He entered Trinity College in 1927, joined the Cambridge Missionary Fellowship, and offered himself for missionary work among Muslins in Egypt in 1932. On his return to England after World War II, he was the first warden of Tyndale House and subsequently held posts at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, finally as Professor of Oriental Laws.

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Arnold, John

Date of creation:
Extent: about 138 folders
CCCW Catalogue: preliminary lists available
Keywords: ecumenism, World Council of Churches

John Arnold was dean of Rochester and then dean of Durham in the Church of England and a devoted ecumenist. In his lengthy career, he was involved in numerous high-level ecumenical dialogues in Europe. This donation was received in 2016 and is being catalogued. Please contact the archivist for more information.

St. Augustine’s College, Canterbury

Date of Creation: 1853-1935
Extent: 5 reels of microfilm containing 138 reports
CCCW Catalogue: AUG
Keywords: Anglican Church, mission

St. Augustine’s College in Canterbury was for many years the missionary training college of the Anglican Communion. These Occasional Papers are published copies of letters and reports to the college from missionaries around the world. The earliest letter is from 1852. By the later editions, the publication has taken on the character of a quarterly report or newsletter. Original volumes are held at Canterbury Cathedral Library.

pdf copy of catalogue: AUG St Augustine’s


Barrington-Ward, Simon

Date of creation: 1970 to 1994
Extent: 63 items
CCCW Catalogue: SBW
Keywords: Church Missionary Society, mission

Simon Barrington-Ward (1930-2020) graduated from Magdalene College, Cambridge in 1953 and trained for the priesthood at Westcott House. He was a lecturer in religious studies at University College, Ibadan in Nigeria and later Principal of the Church Missionary Society college Crowther Hall at Selly Oak in Birmingham. From 1975 to 1985 he was General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society. In 1985, he was consecrated Bishop of Coventry. This collection comprises mainly letters sent to Simon Barrington-Ward from a wide network of correspondents around the world during his time as CMS General Secretary and Bishop of Coventry.

A further donation of papers was made in 2016 and these papers are currently being catalogued. Please contact the archivist for further information.

Further resources:

Benson, George Patrick (Paddy)

Date of creation: 1979-2013
Extent: about 350 items
CCCW Catalogue: BEN
Keywords: Kenya, Anglican Church, David Gitari, church and state, Bible Churchman’s Missionary Society

George Patrick Benson was born in 1949 and educated at Oxford and All Nations Christian College. He went to Kenya in 1978 as a missionary of the Bible Churchman’s Missionary Society and worked in the Diocese of Mount Kenya East as tutor and director of studies at St. Andrew’s Institute for Theology and Development. From 1986 to 1989 he worked in diocesan headquarters in Embu as publications secretary and director of communications, where he worked closely with Bishop Gitari during a period of great drama in his relations with President Daniel arap Moi. He returned to England in 1989 and was ordained in 1991.

The collection focuses on Benson’s time in Kenya, including administrative records of the Diocese of Mount Kenya East, formal records of synod, and informal newsletter publications. It also includes papers produced for the Anglican Church of Kenya and the National Christian Council of Kenya. There are extensive recordings of sermons and other addressed by Bishop Gitari, which have been digitized. Further papers are related to Benson’s ongoing involvement with Kenya after his return to England.

Further resources

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Berridge, John

Date of Creation: 1781-1978
Extent: 18 items
CCCW Catalogue: BER

John Berridge was an 18th-century fellow of Clare Hall and vicar in Everton, Bedfordshire. He had a sympathetic relationship with his contemporary John Wesley and made a collection of ‘divine songs.’ The collection is composed primarily of his letters to George James Gorham of St. Neots and his better known son, George Cornelius Gorham.  This collection is really of papers belonging to Ridley Hall of which the Berridge material is simply the largest element.

pdf catalogue available: BER Berridge

Billington, Roy

Date of Creation: 1951-2017
Extent: 28 items
CCCW Catalogue: BIL
Keywords: Uganda, medical mission, Church Missionary Society

Roy Billington was a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, who became a committed Christian at Holy Trinity church in 1927 and joined the Cambridge Missionary Fellowship. He worked at Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Uganda from 1937 to 1970, from 1950 as Medical Superintendent. Following his service in Uganda, he was from 1973 till retirement Medical Secretary for the Church Missionary Society. The collection is mainly of articles and pamphlet publications and is primarily related to his service in Uganda.

Further resources

Bocking, Ronald

Date of Creation: 1942 to 2001
Extent: About 85 items and 91 photographs (colour slides)
CCCW Catalogue: preliminary list available
Keywords: Council for World Mission, Papua New Guinea, Rhodesia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Swedish Covenant Church.

Revd. Ronald Bocking was a minister within the Congregational and United Reformed Churches from the 1960s to c.1990. He took a particular interest in world mission and served as secretary for the joint committee of Congregational and Presbyterian churches on overseas mission, in preparation for the creation of the United Reformed Church in 1972, and thereafter on the URC’s Council for World Mission, making several overseas for Council and consultative meetings, with a particular interest in southern Africa and the Far East. These are mainly his papers as a member of this Council. See also the papers related to the Congregational Council for World Mission.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection

Brown, Leslie

Date of Creation: 1979 to 1989
Extent: 70 items
CCCW Catalogue: BRO
Keywords: Uganda, Church of Uganda, church and state, Anglican Church

Leslie Brown was the first Archbishop of the Church of Uganda (Anglican). On his return to England, he served as bishop of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich. The collection is primarily correspondence to and from the Browns on their retirement. This includes description and details of the political situation in Uganda during the rule of Milton Obote, as described by Catholic and Protestant religious leaders and Obote himself. There are also notes and documents related to the Browns’ visit to Uganda in 1987.

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Budgett, Robin

Date of creation: 1913 to 1958
Extent: 52 items
CCCW Catalogue: IND
Keywords: Church of South India, India, liturgy
Collections of Revd R.B. Budgett for his service in Dornakal Diocese, India

This is an archive of books, articles, and historical pamphlets accumulated by R.B. Budgett, CMS missionary in Dornakal Diocese, India and related to the worship life of the Anglican Church and creation of Church of South India, with a particular focus on official liturgies.

Further resources

Terry Barringer

Date of creation: 1995-2008

Extent: c.60 items (1 box)

Keywords: Edinburgh Conference; Missiology

Ms Terry Barringer is a former librarian of the Royal Commonwealth Society and oversaw the removal of that library to Cambridge University Library.   She has a particular interest in Africa, including as editor of Africa Research and Documentation. She has been closely involved with the Henry Martyn Centre, catalogued the Collection of Papers of John Edward (Joe) Church, and was a member of the Centre’s Library Committee and subsequent Advisory Group.  This collection is of unpublished papers obtained at conferences on missionary history.

pdf copy of catalogue:BAR Barringer


Cambridge Committee for Christian Work in Delhi

Date of creation: 1944 to 2000
Extent: 1 volume, 20 folders, 95 photographs
CCCW Catalogue: CMD
Keywords: India, Cambridge Mission to Delhi, Delhi Brotherhood, Cambridge, mission

The Cambridge Mission to Delhi was founded in 1877 under the leadership of Edward Bickersteth of Pembroke College. In 1967 it was absorbed into the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and the Cambridge Committee for Christian Work in Delhi was formed to maintain the link. The papers in this collection relate to the work of the CCCWD, the Teape sub-committee, the Delhi Brotherhood, St. Stephen’s College, St. Stephen’s Hospital, and the Friends of the Delhi Diocese. Some additional material covering the years 2000-07 was received recently and is not yet catalogued.

Further resources

Cambridge Seventy

Date of creation: 1950s to 2006
Extent: 4 folders
CCCW Catalogue: SEV
Keywords: mission, Cambridge

The term ‘Cambridge Seventy’ was coined to describe a group of students from Cambridge who became overseas missionaries in or after 1955. The name was a conscious echo of the ‘Cambridge Seven’ who went to China in 1885. The history of the Cambridge Seventy is detailed in an occasional paper published by the CCCW in 2016.

This collection was given to the Centre by John Wheatley-Price, a member of the Seventy, and includes newsletters, prayer letters, and related correspondence among Seventy members; material related to the origination of the Seventy in the 1950s, and material related to the 30th and 50th anniversaries of the Seventy in 1985 and 2005.

Additional prayer letters and papers about the 2005 reunion and background research correspondence for the occasional paper on Cambridge Seventy have also been received (Acc 2015/03, 2016/02, 2017/06). Details on request.

Further resources

  • See also the CCCW’s Oral History Archive.
  • CCCW Occasional Paper by Dr. Ian Randall, The Cambridge Seventy: A Missionary Movement in Twentieth-Century Britain
  • .pdf catalogue of this collection

Church, John Edward (Joe)

Date of creation: 1924 to 1989
Extent: 50 boxes papers + c.500 published items
CCCW Catalogues: JEC alias JECD (papers, including some detailed lists of sections), JECP (photographs), JECS (colour slides), JECC (sound recordings); other lists of books and pamphlets
Keywords: East African Revival, Ruanda Mission, Uganda, Rwanda

Dr Joe Church (1899-1989) was a missionary doctor with the Church Missionary Society’s Ruanda Mission from almost its creation, mainly at Gahini 1927-37 and again 1947-61. During this period he was the leading European missionary working with Festo Kivengere, Blasio Kigozi, Yosiya Kinuka, William Nagenda, Simeoni Nsibambi,Erica Sabiti and other African leaders of the Revival both in Rwanda, 1938-46 and 1961-72 in Uganda, and from 1946 on evangelical tours or ‘crusades’ in Nyasaland, Ethiopia, Palestine, England, India, Pakistan, and Brazil, or attending conventions on the Keswick model in South Africa, France, Germany and Portugal. The collection comprises his extensive collection of correspondence, journals, evangelical writings, photographs and sound recordings very deliberately preserved as a record of his life and work, as well as published material (including complete run of Ruanda Notes 1923-81) not readily elsewhere available, much with additional annotation. It includes much material for other missionaries, notably Decima (wife), Howard (brother) and Elisabeth Church, Lawrence Barham, Percy James (Jim) Brazier, Harold and Margaret Guillebaud, Roy Hession, Arthur Pitts-Pitts, Leonard Sharp, Algenon Stanley Smith, and Theodora Skipper. Further material is in the Oral History Archive.

Further resources:

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection


Coad, Roy

Date of creation: 1990
Extent: 5 items
CCCW Catalogue: COA
Keywords: Brethren Movement, mission

The text of five lectures by F.Roy Coad (1925-2011), notable historian of the the Brethren Movement, on the history of the movement and its mission in the context of a world Christian community, given at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada, in July 1990.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection COA Coad

Congo Church Association

Date of creation: 1979 to 2011
Extent: 1 bundle, 2 files
CCCW Catalogue:
Keywords: Zaire, Congo, Anglican Church, Province of Burundi, Rwanda, and Zaire

The Zaire Church Association was formed in 1976 by Philip Ridsdale (q.v.). In 1997 it changed its name to the Congo Church Association. This is a virtually complete series of the newsletters from their commencement by Philip Ridsdale, with some predecessors produced by him for the Diocese of Boga.  It is a likely harbinger of future deposit of substantial archive of the Association.  The personal papers of Canon William Norman, General Commissary of the Province of Zaire 1992-2010, ex officio on the committee and a trustee of the Association (effectively its principal executive officer) were formerly catalogued as archives of the Association but have now been separated.

Further resources:

Congregational Council for World Mission

Date of Creation: 1966 to 1976
CCCW Catalogue: CCCWM
Keywords: London Missionary Society, mission, Reformed tradition

The Congregational Council for World Mission was formed in 1966 as an amalgamation of the London Missionary Society and the Commonwealth Missionary Society. With the formation of the United Reformed Church by unification of the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches in 1972 it was re-named the Council for World Mission. The collection contains a complete set of annual reports from the CCWM, as well as its magazines, World Mission and Enterprise. See also Papers of Ronald Bocking.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection

Cracknell, Kenneth

Collections for the World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh, 1910
Date of creation: c. 1978-97 (originals of 19th-20th cent)
Extent: 259 items
CCCW Catalogue: ECM
Keywords: mission, inter-faith relations, ecumenism

The Edinburgh World Missionary Conference in 1910 was a seminal moment in the history of global Christianity and the modern missionary movement. This collection is primarily photocopies of returns to a questionnaire on mission that was sent to missionaries around the world, from originals in the Archive of the World Council of Churches, Geneva, and both photocopies and microfilm of correspondence between conference organizers J.H. Oldham and John R. Mott and other documents in the Missionary Research Library Collection of the Burke Library of the Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University, New York. This collection was made by Kenneth Cracknell, who has added some manuscript notes and much supplementary secondary material, particularly on the interface of Christianity and other faiths, much of it being the basis of his book, Justice, Courtesy and Love. Theologians and Missionaries Encountering World Religions 1846-1914 (1995).

Further resources

Cragg, Kenneth

Date of creation: 1840 to 1986
Extent: 5 items
CCCW Catalogue: CRA
Keywords: Islam, Middle East, Bible

Kenneth Cragg (1913 to 2012) was an Anglican bishop in the Middle East and leading scholar of Christian-Muslim relations. This collection is mainly a few books of an earlier Arabic scholar, Revd. E.F.F. Bishop (1891-c.1980), but includes also a calendar of Middle Eastern saints he devised that includes Henry Martyn and his biographer Constance Padwick.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection: CRA Cragg

Crampton, Patrick

Date of Creation: 1958 to 1999
Extent: 40 items
CCCW Catalogue: NIG
Keywords: Nigeria, Anglican Church, Pentecostal churches, Islam

Collections of published ephemera and newscuttings related to the work of the Anglican church, especially in northern Nigeria, and to indigenous churches and relationships with Islam. Much of this was used as the basis for Crampton’s book, Christianity in Northern Nigeria.

Further resources:

Microfilm of Books on Christian Mission in China

Date of creation: 1809-1900
Extent: 5 reels containing 27 publications in all.
Keywords: China, mission

This collection of microfilmed publications in the British Library relates to 19th century religious activity in China by an array of authors.

pdf copy of catalogue available: CHB China Books


Falkner, Thomas and Kathleen

Dates of creation: 1936 to 1992
Extent: 1 box
CCCW Catalogue: FAL
Keywords: India, Sri Lanka, United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

Thomas Falkner (1904-1983), graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1925 and worked for the Cambridge Mission to Delhi, including as a teacher at St. Stephen’s College and as secretary and treasurer to the Archdeaconry (later Diocese) of Delhi. On his return to the UK and marriage to Kathleen he continued to support the Indian church. The collection is of mainly of published ephemeral material for India with an emphasis on religious material (Christianity and other faiths). It also includes reports of a social work volunteer whom Kathleen sponsored in Sri Lanka in 1988-9.

Further resources


Glasswell, Mark

Date of creation: 1956 to 1992
Extent:19 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: GLA
Keywords: Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Anglican Church

Mark Glasswell (1938-95) graduated B.A.from the University of Durham in 1960 and trained for Anglican orders at Westcott House, Cambridge, being ordained in 1967. From 1965 to 1974, he was a lecturer at Fourah Bay College, an institution founded by C.M.S. affiliated to Durham University until 1967, thereafter a constituent college of the University of Sierra Leone. From 1975 to 1985, he was a lecturer in the Department of Religion at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. After his return to England in 1985, he continued his active links with African Christians. The extensive collection of material gives valuable insight into the church and education in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe, as well as the wider Anglican Communion. The archive substantial correspondence includes locally-published material by John Mbiti, John Pobee, and other African theologians and substantial papers of Canon Professor Harry Sawyer, theologian in Sierra Leone and Barbados. There is also administrative material and publications relating to the universities, and to several west African churches and the World Council of Churches from the 1960s onwards.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection

Guillebaud Papers

Dates of creation: 1953 to 1986
Extent: 1 box
CCCW Catalogue: GUI
Keywords: Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Bible translation, Church Missionary Society

Letters and other papers related to the work of Philippa (1918-2000) and Rosemary Guillebaud (1915-2002) as CMS missionaries, teachers and translators in the Sudan and Uganda and Kenya. Philippa and Rosemary Guillebaud were partly raised in Uganda, close to the Rwandan border, as the daughters of the missionaries Harold and Margaret Guillebaud. Rosemary followed her father’s main work in becoming a Bible translator in Uganda and then in Burundi. Philippa worked at a girls’ boarding school in southern Sudan from the 1940s. In 1959, she finished teaching to concentrate full-time on translating the Bible into Bari. This collection mainly comprises two discrete series of letters, from Philippa to her mother from Yei (Southern Sudan) 1953-61, and from Rosemary in to her sister Lindesay from Jinga and Gulu (Uganda) 1964-69.

Further resources


Henry Martyn Trust and Henry Martyn Centre

Date of creation: 1881 to present
Extent: 16 boxes and 15 volumes
CCCW Catalogue: HMH and HMC
Keywords: Cambridge, mission, Henry Martyn Trust, Henry Martyn Library

The Henry Martyn Trust, the parent body of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, was established in 1881 in honour of the missionary and was initially concerned with the construction of Henry Martyn Hall adjacent to Holy Trinity church, Cambridge (opened 1887), and later the creation of an Overseas Mission Advisor and a lecturer in missiology within the Cambridge Theological Federation (becoming Director of the Henry Martyn Centre, now CCCW). A separate trust was later created for a Library, now amalgamated within the main trust. The trust’s archive includes papers related to the construction of the hall, minutes of the meetings of Trustees, correspondence on Trust activities, and the work of Overseas Advisor. There are also sound recordings and typescript copies of lectures given in the Hall or Centre by figures such as Max Warren, Lesslie Newbigin, Andrew Walls, Kwame Bediako and Lamin Sanneh, and of oral history recordings made as project work for the Centre (see Oral History).
Papers less than 30 years old related to Trust activities are closed to public access without the Director’s specific consent.

Further resources:

  • .pdf catalogue of collection

Hinchliff, Peter

Date of creation: 1904 to 1995
Extent: 6 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: HIN
Keywords: South Africa, ecumenism, Anglican Church, church history, empire

Peter Hinchliff (1929-1995) was a South African, educated at Rhodes University, Grahamstown and Oxford University. He was ordained in the Anglican Church in South Africa and held academic posts, becoming first professor of Ecclesiastical History at Rhodes in 1960. From 1964 to 1974 he served on the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches leaving South Africa in 1969 to be secretary of the Mission and Ecumenical Council of the Church Assembly in London. From 1972, he taught in the University of Oxford, becoming Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History 1992-5. This collection includes working papers, notes, and drafts on his books, articles, and lectures including on the history of the Anglican Church in South Africa, Bishop John Colenso, liturgy, etc., 1960s onward, as well as his unpublished Hulsean Lectures from 1975 on ‘The Idea of Empire and the Missionary Mind.’ The papers also include mission conference proceedings and other publications of the South African church, including liturgical reform and synodical business, and working papers of the World Council of Churches 1964-76.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of collection

Holmes, Christina Sybil

Date of creation: 1958 to 1995
Extent: 27 items
CCCW Catalogue: HOL
Keywords: Taiwan, medical mission, Presbyterian Church

Miss Holmes worked for the Presbyterian Overseas Mission Committee at Chunghua Christian Hospital, Taiwan from 1950 to -1976. This collection includes letters from her in Taiwan 1958, 1974, from friends in Taiwan after her return to Liverpool 1983-94, as well as circular letters with personal annotations from missionary friends in Brazil, Papua New Guinea and several places in Africa.

Further resources

Hooper, Cyril

Date of creation: 1922 to 1930 and 1971 to 1973
Extent: 2 folders
CCCW Catalogue: HOO
Keywords: Church Missionary Society, Kenya

Cyril Hooper was born and taught in Kenya where his parents, Revd. Handley (son of Douglas, one of the Cambridge pioneer missionaries to East Africa) and Cicely, had worked from the 1920s onwards, Handley being CMS Africa Secretary 1926-49. This collection includes descriptions of the travels of Cyril Hooper to churches in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as duplicate copies of earlier material of his parents, now in CMS Archives, Birmingham, mainly relating to the area around the Kahuhia mission station.

Further resources:

Hopkins, Hugh Evan

Date of creation: 1942 to 1976
Extent: 4 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: HOP
Keywords: India, Kenya, Inter-Varsity Fellowship

Canon Hugh Evan Hopkins (1907-1994) was educated at Haileybury College and Emmanuel College, Cambridge and trained for ordination at Ridley Hall. In 1931 he sailed for India, where he worked at the Dohnavur until 1937. From 1947 to 1955, he was abroad again, as provost of the Anglican cathedral in Nairobi. On his return to England, he was successively rector of St Mary-le-Bow, London, and Cheltenham (where he became a canon of Gloucester Cathedral), before retiring to Cambridge in 1973. A noted preacher, this collection mainly comprises his meticulously-written notes for sermons and addresses over 40 years, demonstrating his personal theology and belief in the central importance of mission. There are also a journal of  his missionary tours of universities and colleges for the Inter-Varsity Fellowship in England and texts of two unpublished theological works.

Further resources


Iliffe, John

Date of creation: 1980s
Extent: 3 boxes + 4 reels of microfilm
Keywords: Buganda, Uganda

John Iliffe (b.1939) is Professor of African History in the University of Cambridge. This collection comprises documentary and secondary materials in copy form drawn substantially from missionary sources for the history of Buganda, some translated from French Catholic archives, created for teaching purposes in the 1980s.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection

Community of St. Julian’s

Date of creation: c. 1950 to 2000
Extent: 4 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: JUL
Keywords: Kenya, Florence Allshorn, religious communities

CMS missionary Florence Allshorn (1887-1950) founded the Community of St. Julian’s initially at Haslemere, Surrey, moving later to Barns Green and then to Coolham (West Sussex), in 1942. It was designed to be a place where returning missionaries could find a ‘place of quiet’ to adjust to life at home. The community’s supporters included J.H. Oldham and Max Warren, who like others were captivated by her saintly demeanour. In 1956 the community sent four women to open a sister community in Limuru, Kenya. They encountered stiff opposition from European supremacists seeking to perpetuate the exclusive status of the ‘White Highlands’ and it became a cause célèbre with the Imperial Government eventually coming down in favour of the Community. The Community performed a valuable service in promoting racial harmony as a place of retreat for Kenyans and missionaries throughout East Africa during the independence period, before handing over the premises to the Church of the Province of Kenya (CPK) in 1979. In 2000, the community in England closed as well. This collection details work of the Community in both England and Kenya, and includes articles about Florence Allshorn as well as writings of Allshorn, Dorothy Alton , and J.H. Oldham.

Further resources


Kings, Graham

Date of creation: 1980 to 2000
Extent: 2 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: GRK
Keywords: Henry Martyn Trust, Henry Martyn Library, Kenya, David Gitari, Mount Kenya East, Anglican Church, mission, Cambridge

Graham Kings (b.1953) studied at Hertford College, Oxford, and trained for ministry at Ridley Hall in Cambridge. After ordination in 1980, he served a curacy in London. From 1985 to 1991, he and his wife Alison worked at St. Andrew’s Institute in Kabare, Kenya, working with Bishop David Gitari in the Diocese of Mount Kenya East. On return to U.K. he became the first Henry Martyn Lecturer in Mission Studies and founding director of the Henry Martyn Centre, Cambridge, overseeing the removal of the Library to Westminster College. This collection contains his letters from Kenya, Cambridge, and other places, as well as his general writings and sermons and papers related to the work of the Henry Martyn Trust and the establishment of the Henry Martyn Centre in the 1990s.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection


Date of creation: 1985 to 2011
Extent: 15 boxes
Keywords: ecumenical movement

Conference papers, background and display material, relating to Kirchentage [conferences of German Protestant Churches] at Dusseldorf, Frankfurt (twice), West Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Hanover, Cologne and Dresden 1985-2011, and of ecumenical Kirchentage at Berlin 2003 and Munich 2010 collected by Anglican delegate Canon Anthony Dickinson. This material has recently been received and is still being catalogued.


(William) Alfred Leake

Date of creation: 1919-1987

Extent: 16 boxes (equivalent)

CCCW Catalogue: preliminary lists available here: LEA Leake prelims

Keywords: Argentina, South American Missionary Society, Toba language, Mataco language, folklore

(William) Alfred Leake (1902-1991), was originally a lay South American Missionary Society (SAMS) missionary to the Toba and Mataco people of northern Argentina.  He took orders whilst on leave in U.K. in 1938-9, returning permanently only in 1954, and making a further tour of duty overlapping with his son David’s own service in the country (later as Bishop of North Argentina) in 1969-71.  The collection is strong in family correspondence describing life and work in the Argentine Chaco, including that of Alfred’s sister (Emily) Olive (mission nurse who married Henry Grubb, missionary and Bible translator) and includes also mission journals and substantial collections on culture and language of Toba and Wichi (Mataco) Indians.

Leech, Ralph and Bertha

Date of creation: 1939 to 1977
Extent: 4 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: LEE
Keywords: Church Missionary Society, medical mission, Uganda, Kenya, East African Revival, Mau Mau

Dr. Ralph (1911-2011) and Mrs. Bertha Leech were CMS medical missionaries at Mengo Hospital, Kampala, Uganda, and Maseno Mission Hospital, Kisumu, Kenya, between 1938 and 1964. The collection is mainly of published material of limited circulation (‘grey literature‘) and includes CMS newsletters, international missionary papers, reports, newspapers and maps, addresses by CMS officials (including Max Warren), papers related to the first All Africa Church Conference in 1963, and documents and reports related to the East African Revival, Christian reaction to the Mau Mau Insurgency, the Anglican Church in Kenya and Uganda.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection LEE Leech

Lewis, Theodore

Date of creation: 1967 to 1980
Extent: 69 items
CCCW Catalogue: LEW
Keywords: Anglican Church, Congo, Zaire, Episcopal Church

Theodore Lewis was a non-stipendiary priest in the Episcopal Church of the United States of America during a career in the American Foreign Service. On being posted to Kinshasa in 1967, he began a small Anglican congregation. In 1969, he visited Boga in eastern Zaire and met Anglicans who were worshipping in congregations established by Apolo Kivebulaya in the late 19th century. Lewis’ report on this visit opened the way for Philip Ridsdale to become the first resident bishop in Boga and the subsequent expansion of the church. This collection includes the report of the visit to Boga, as well as correspondence to and from archbishops Erica Sabiti, Oliver Green-Wilkinson, and Bezaleri Ndahura

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection: LEW Lewis

Logan, John Gordon

Date of creation: 1897 to 1951
Extent: 84 items
CCCW Catalogue: LOG
Keywords: Egyptian General Mission, Islam

John Gordon Logan served with the Egyptian General Mission from 1898 to 1914 and then as secretary of the EGM in London. The collection includes photographs, articles, pamphlets, leaflets, and correspondence related to his missionary service.

Further resources



Date of creation: 1928 to 1929
Extent: 25 items
CCCW Catalogue: MUI
Keywords: Kikuyu Central Association, Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta

Muigwithania was the newspaper of the Kikuyu Central Association, under the leadership of future Kenyan president Jomo Kenyatta. It was an important organ for Kenyatta and others in which to articulate their growing sense of grievance against colonial rule and pan-Africanism. This collection is of photocopies in the Kenyan National Archives of 11 issues of the newspaper (in the original Kikuyu and in English translation) and of a twelfth in English only from 1928 to 1929, as well as correspondence about the newspaper between the District Commissioner, Machakos and Superintendent of Police.

Further resources

Macleod, Alan

Date of creation: 1937 to 1984
Extent: 2 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: MAC
Keywords: Indian Independence, Bangladesh, Islam, Hinduism, ecumenical movement, church union

Alan MacLeod (1911-1984) trained for ministry in the English Presbyterian Church at Westminster College, Cambridge and joined the Presbyterian Mission at Rajshahi Bengal (now within Bangladesh) in 1936. He worked further east at famine-struck Naogoan during the Second World War. Later he became Principal of the Darjeeling Language School for Missionaries. In 1955 he returned to England to become Professor of Old Testament at Westminster College. He was Principal from 1963 to 1979.

The collection consists of his letters, sermons and other writings related to his service overseas and includes reflections on service during wartime, Islam, the ecumenical movement and church union, and the political situation in India and Pakistan. It also includes notes for sermons delivered in various locations during his career.

Further resources

Martyn, Henry

Date of creation: early 19th century to 2016
Extent: 5 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: MAR
Keywords: East India Company, St. John’s College, India, Calcutta, Persia

Henry Martyn (1781-1812) was a Cambridge student, an acolyte of Charles Simeon, the evangelical vicar of Holy Trinity, through whom he became chaplain to the British East India Company, and in Bengal and Persia a translator of the Bible. It was in his memory that the Henry Martyn Trust was founded. This is a collection of materials for his life and of others with whom he was closely related (Thomas Clarkson, Daniel Corrie, Abdul Masih), including original correspondence and other documents from England and India (both original and copies elsewhere) 1802-35 and secondary literature relating to the man and his legacy. The collection brings together in one location a variety of material that has been scattered to various locations around the world.

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Methodist Church Overseas Division

Date of creation: 1969 to 1992
Extent: 370 items
CCCW Catalogue: MMS
Keywords: Methodist Church, mission

This collection comprises the following publications of the Methodist Missionary Society, becoming the Methodist Church Overseas Division in 1975: The Kingdom Overseas 1969 and Now 1970-1991 (supporters’ magazines), Facets 1981-92 (news-sheet) and the children’s magazines or activity sheets Window 1978-91 and Junkanoo 1991-92.

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Minter, Richard Arthur

Date of creation: 1930 to 1991
Extent: 7 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: MIN. Some supplementary material not yet catalogued.
Keywords: Jamaica, West Indies, slavery, Anglican Church

Richard Minter was a graduate of Oxford who taught briefly at Manchester University and Burgh Missionary College, Lincs., before being appointed as rector of Claremont in Jamaica in 1938, where he stayed until 1945. On his return to England and the post of vicar of Stow-cum-Quy in Cambridgeshire, he maintained a lifelong interest in and connection to the West Indies. This included writing a thesis on the church and slavery in the region in part-fulfilment for the degree of B.D. This collection consists of letters, research notes, drafts, and completed manuscripts of this work, “The Comparative Importance of Influences Hostile to the Slave Trade within and without the Established Church in the West Indies before 1783” and of a book on the Anglican church in the West Indies, Episcopacy without Episcopate, published in 1990. The collection also includes articles, pamphlets, and church guides related to church and government in the West Indies, mainly Jamaica.

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Norman, Canon William B.

Papers of Canon William (Bill) Beadon Norman (b.1926) as General Commissary of the Province of Zaire (from 1997 Congo) and as a trustee and committee member of the Zaire (now Congo) Church Association (CCA).  Bill Norman had been a missionary in Uganda 1955-65 and thereafter done parochial service in the dioceses of York and Birmingham, retiring for the first time in 1991.  He accepted an invitation to be the General Commissary for the newly-separated Province of Zaire in 1992.  As Commissary he became the chief link with the Zaire/Congo Church Association and other support in the United Kingdom.  The papers are chiefly correspondence with local clergy, especially Archbishop Fidele Diropka, and mission partners in Congo and fellow members of the CCA, reflecting the rapidly developing Anglican church in the country, a century after its foundation.  Requests for financial support, including that for the construction of new churches and clergy training, bulk large but there is much that reflects on the general social, political and economic situation.

Further resources:

  • pdf catalogue of these records NOR Norman (CCA)
  • see also the Papers of Philip Ridsdale Ridsdale, Philip
  • see also Newsletters of the Congo Church Association Congo Church Association

Oral History Archive

Date of creation: 2012 to 2015
Extent: 9 recordings, available within Centre on CD
Keywords: missionaries, Cambridge Seventy, Henry Martyn Trust.

These are recordings made by staff of the Centre as part of particular projects or where opportunity has presented itself. Formally they are part of the Trust’s archive. Principal holdings are:

Modern Missionary Interviews 2012: A series undertaken in May-June 2012 by Jonathan Earle, interviewing Bishop Simon Barrington-Ward, David Leake, Canon Brian Macdonald-Milne (b.1935, missionary in Solomon Islands and New Hebrides/Vanuatu 1964-80, with continuing interest in Melanesian Brotherhood and Melanesian Mission), Dr Hebe Welbourn 2012. A separate interview made of Basil and Shirley Scott, missionaries in India 1963-83 and in Asian immigrant community in Leicester, U.K., 1983-2000.

Henry Martyn Overseas Mission Advisors 2013-14
Interviews of John and Jennifer Cooper and Sue Anderson (Overseas or World Mission Advisers1982-2014)

Witness Seminars 2014-15: Three group interviews of missionaries by Emma Wild-Wood, CCCW Director, before an invited audience at Westminster College as part of a project Celebrating Cambridge’s Tradition of Service Overseas, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. The first two focused on the influence of Cambridge (particularly the role of CICCU and The Cambridge Seventy), the last on the experiences of children of missionaries caught up in the East African Revival.
The missionaries participating were: Revd. Keith Ranger, Revd. Basil and Mrs Shirley Scott (see above), Canon John Wheatley Price (CMS missionary in East Africa 1960-77), Janet King (missionary in Sudan 1995-2010), Revd. Ray Lockhart (missionary with Church Mission to the Jews in Israel 1989-2002), Canon Brian Macdonald-Milne (see above), Stephen Brazier (son of Bishop of Ruanda-Urundi, teacher in Uganda 1962-29), Dr John Church (son of Dr Joe Church, doctor/lecturer in medicine in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya 1959-73), Dr Robin Church (b.1935, son of Joe Church, doctor in Uganda 962-72) and Christine Paterson (daughter of Peter and Elisabeth Guillebaud, missionaries in Rwanda, missionary in Taiwan 1975-78, and to Chinese Church from U.K and Far East to 2015. A separate interview was submitted to the project from John Callow (Bible translator for Wycliffe Bible Translators dealing with languages in Brazil, west Africa, Russia and Iran 1957-2015) and a written submission was made by Revd. Robert Hyatt, vicar of Kowloon, Hong Kong, 1969-78).


Phillips, John and Anne

Date of creation: c. 1890 to 1997
Extent: 12 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: PHP
Keywords: Nigeria, Anglican Church, Tom Dennis, Bertram Lasbery, Diocese of the Niger

John and Anne Phillips worked as CMS missionaries at Onitsha and Emevor, Nigeria from 1954. Later, the couple worked in Sierra Leone before returning to the Diocese of the Niger in 1971, where John Phillips worked at the Dennis Memorial Grammar School and in religious education for the diocese. During this time John Phillips’ sister and brother served as CMS missionaries in Enugu and Onitsha. The collection was donated in several instalments and includes pamphlets, reports, synod documents, and other papers related to the Diocese of the Niger and the church in Nigeria more generally.

The Phillips also conducted their own extensive research into the history of the Niger Mission and the collection contains copies of correspondence and papers from several other individuals related to the mission. In particular, it includes the regular newsletters that Bertram Lasbery, a graduate of Ridley Hall, Cambridge and Bishop on the Niger from 1922 to 1945, sent back to his former parish in Bishopwearmouth, Northumberland. There are also significant papers and photographs about Thomas Dennis, a CMS missionary in Nigeria from 1893 to 1917, who completed a translation of the Bible into Igbo during his service, and his family, including his sister Frances’s diaries1902-09; also about Canon Charles Foster (1904-87), Head teacher at Dennis Memorial G.S., James Welch, a CMS missionary in Isoko from 1929 to 1935 and a lecturer at Ibadan University in the early 1950s, and Morris Gelsthorpe, who worked as a missionary in Nigeria in the 1920s before moving to Sudan. The collection also includes writings of Elizabeth (Macdonald) Wilkinson, an America who worked as a CMS missionary at Awka in the 1920s and 1930s and journals and papers of Margaret B. Sheath, another missionary in Isoko country 1929-33.

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Pirouet, Louise

Date of creation: 1926 to 1929; 1960 to 1990
Extent: 7 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: PIR
Keywords: Uganda, Janani Luwum, African Greek Orthodox Church

Louise Pirouet (1928-2012) was a pioneering Africanist, founder of the African Studies Centre in Cambridge, and member of the Henry Martyn Library committee in the 1990s. Her publications include Black Evangelists: The Spread of Christianity in Uganda 1891-1914. Her doctoral thesis, The Expansion of the Church of Uganda (N.A.C.) from Buganda into Northern and Western Uganda between 1891 and 1914, with special reference to the work of African Teachers and Evangelists (University of East Africa 1968) is in the CCCW Library (Thesis 28).

This collection includes material related to her research and involvement in Uganda, including letters from Dora Skipper, a CMS missionary in the Bukedi region of Uganda from 1926 to 1929 at the mission stations of Nabumale and Ngora..

The collection also includes a biography of Archpriest Rueben Sparta, founder of the African Greek Orthodox Church in Uganda; papers related to the life and death of Archbishop Janani Luwum; and other books, journals, and newsletter related to aspects of Christianity in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, India, Japan, and mission studies in general. Also in the collection is Target, the newspaper of the Anglican Church of Kenya, ranging from 1969 to 1975.

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Ridsdale, Philip

Date of creation: 1972 to 2000
Extent: 12 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: RID
Keywords: Congo, Zaire, Uganda, Anglican Church, Province of Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire

Philip Ridsdale (1915-2000) graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1937. In 1938, he went to Uganda as a CMS lay helper. After service in World War II, he trained for the priesthood at Ridley Hall, Cambridge and returned to Africa in 1949 and worked in Bunyoro District and Ruwenzori Diocese until 1964 when he and his family returned to England. In 1971, Ridsdale returned to Africa, this time to Boga, Zaire, and was consecrated the first Anglican Bishop of Boga-Zaire in 1972. On his retirement in 1980, he had established new dioceses and overseen the creation of the Province of Rwanda, Burundi, and Zaire in the Anglican Communion. In the mid-1970s the Ridsdales had founded the Zaire (from 1997 Congo) Church Association and they continued to work actively for it in retirement.

This collection focuses on his ministry in Zaire, including correspondence, papers, and photographs related to theological education the Anglican Theological Institute in Bunia; the establishment of new dioceses in Bukavu, Boga-Zaire, Kindu, Kisangani, Shaba/Katanga, and Nord Kivu; and general papers related to Christianity in Zaire, including several theses by local churchmen. There is also significant insight into the political and security situation in Zaire with particular relevance to the impact of the wars on the church and its followers. The papers were microfilmed by Adam Mathew Ltd. in March 2006

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Smith (née Reuter), Sophia Dorothea

Date of creation: 1889-1998
Extent: 9 items
CCCW Catalogue: REU
Keywords: China, Cambridge Seven

Sophie Reuter was born in Norway in 1860 and went to China as a missionary of the China Inland Mission in 1885. There she met Stanley Peregrine Smith, one of the ‘Cambridge Seven,’ and they married in 1888. She died in 1891.

This collection is of photocopies of material compiled by their only son, Algernon Charles Stanley Smith, who was himself later a missionary in Uganda and Rwanda, with some later research notes. It appears to be an attempt by the younger Smith to learn more about his mother in conversation with her Norwegian family.

Further resources

  • .pdf catalogue of this collection  REU Smith

Telford, Alexander

Date of creation: 1938 to 1952
Extent: 2 folders
Keywords: Brazil, Bible Society, verse

Revd Alexander Telford (1875-c.1952) was a Congregational missionary in Brazil, becoming Minister of Pernambuco Congregational Church 1902-9, co-pastor of Fluminense church, Rio de Janeiro, minister there 1911-16. He was also for some of this time local Secretary of British and Foreign Bible Society, rector of Congregational Seminary and co-editor O Christao, (magazine of Congregational churches in Brazil). This collection is of a few personal papers including reminiscences, Brazilian branch of British and Foreign Bible Society newsletters (Portuguese), autobiographical and religious verse, 1938-52 (Acc 2015/15).

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  • .pdf catalogue of this collection

Titus, Murray and Olive

Date of creation: 1895 to 2017
Extent: 6 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: MTT
Keywords: India, Islam, comparative religions, Samuel Zwemer

Murray and Olive Titus were American Methodist missionaries in various locations in India, mainly in United Provinces (now Uttar Pradesh), from 1910 to 1951. Murray’s first appointment was at Reid Christian College in Lucknow (later Lucknow Christian College) to which after years of ‘district work’ in mission stations he returned as Principal 1941-45. During the 1920s Murray Titus met the American Islamicist Samuel Zwemer and began to study Islam. This resulted in the foundation by Titus and others of the Henry Martyn School for Islamic Studies, Lahore (since transferred to Hyderabad) and several publications relating to the topic. From 1945 Murray Titus served as executive secretary of the National Christian Council of India, Burma, and Ceylon. They lived in India during the crucial period of independence and partition before Murray Titus’ appointment in 1951 as Professor of Comparative Religions at Westminster Theological Seminary in Maryland.

The extensive collection includes letters, diaries, photographs, publications, and articles related to their missionary service and scholarship. Most of the papers were donated by their daughter Carol Pickering (1924-2017) and includes letters and diaries of her own.

Further resources:

  • Carol Pickering, “Murray Titus: Missionary and Islamic Scholar,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research 19.3 (1995)
  • Ian Randall, ‘Mutuality in Methodist Mission.  Murray and Olive Titus in India, 1910-1951’, Wesley and Methodist Studies, xiv, 146-68 (2022) [CCCW Library Pamphlet 541]
  • .pdf catalogue of this collection  MTT Titus
  • Contents description (only) by Carol Pickering of correspondence in MTT 9-26  MTT Titus appendix

Walker, R.E.

Date of creation: 1914 to 1979
Extent: 27 items
CCCW Catalogue: WAL
Keywords: Nigeria, Anglican Church, Church Missionary Society

R.E. Walker was a vice-prinicipal at the CMS Dennis Memorial Grammar School in Onitsha,Nigeria in the 1920s. These papers and photographs derive mainly from his work there as well as some other published material of the church in Nigeria 1914-79

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Warren, Max

Date of creation: 1954 to 1979
CCCW catalogue: WAR
Keywords: Church Missionary Society, mission, Cambridge

Max Warren was one of the leading missionary statesmen of the 20th century. He studied at Jesus College, Cambridge and Ridley Hall, and served in Northern Nigeria from 1927. From 1936 to 1942, he was vicar of Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge. From 1942 to 1963, he was General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society.This collection consists of letters, publications, book reviews, and related correspondence. The papers were found, chiefly, inserted into books donated by Warren to the Henry Martyn Centre and other libraries in the Cambridge Theological Federation.

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Welbourn, Fred and Hebe

Date of creation: 1935-1996

Extent: 5 boxes
CCCW catalogue: WEL (catalogued instalments, 2 boxes); additional material in course of listing (3 boxes, information available on request)
Keywords: Uganda, Makerere, medical mission

Revd. F.B.(‘Fred’, 1912-1986) and Dr Hebe Welbourn (b.1922) worked in Uganda from 1946 to 1964, Fred as chaplain and lecturer in Religious Studies at Makerere College, becoming a leading Africanist, and she as a doctor, originally at Mengo but later with regional responsibilities, specialising in child health. The collection includes published and unpublished sermons, lectures and other papers by Fred Welbourn and papers of Hebe Welbourn mainly describing the attitude to children and childhood in Buganda, including an unpublished manuscript titled ‘Child Rearing among the Baganda’ and associated correspondence.

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Date of creation: 1943-2017

Extent: 2 boxes (c.270 items)
CCCW Catalogue: WHI
Keywords: Presbyterian church, Taiwan, Bible translation, Paiwan, Guinnea-Bissau

Michael Drummond Whitehorn and John Nevile Whitehorn were brothers and sons of Roy Drummond Whitehorn, missionary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya and later principal of Westminster College in Cambridge from 1955 to 1963.

Michael Whitehorn served as a Presbyterian minister in various locations in England. John Whitehorn served as a missionary in Taiwan from 1951 onwards. He had a particular focus in his work on relations with indigenous people on the island and tralsnated the Bible into Paiwan. John’s son, David, served in Guinea-Bissau as a missionary with World Wide Evangelization for Christ.

This collection includes material from Michael, John, and David Whitehorn, notably an unpublished history of the overseas work of the Presbyterian Church by Michael, but the bulk of the collection related to John Whitehorn’s work in Taiwan, including memoirs and personal accounts of his work and his process of learning the Paiwan language.

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Wilson, George

Date of creation: 1930 to 1934
Extent: 1 folder
CCCW Catalogue: WIL
Keywords: India, Presbyterian church, Church of North India, Ahmedabad

George Wilson (1877-1959) was ordained in the Irish Presbyterian Church in 1902 and that year went to Ahmedabad, India for the Irish Presbyterian Mission. He worked there and on mission stations in the district of Gujarat until his return to Ireland in 1912. In 1919 he returned to India where he remained until his death in 1959. In that time, he served as Principal of Stevenson Theological College in Ahmedabad and first moderator of the United Church of North India.

This collection is a series of abstracts of letters by Wilson, primarily from Ahmedabad, apparently prepared for posthumous publication, from the second period of his service in India.

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Yale University microfilm ‘Documents from the Congo’

Date of creation: 1972 to 1994
Extent: 5 reels of microfilm
CCCW Catalogue: YAL
Keywords: Congo, Zaire, Ridsdale

Microfilm made at University of Edinburgh of papers mainly of the Diocese of Boga, Congo. Currently unclear whose archive this is but for early period includes papers of Philip Ridsdale. Also includes ‘Schofield Papers’, comprising half a dozen letters written in Fort Portal area Uganda 1925-30.

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Yates, Timothy

Date of creation: 1928-2014
Extent: 15 boxes (equivalent)
CCCW Catalogue: YAT
Keywords: sermons, Max Warren, Stephen Neill, missiology, New Zealand

Canon Timothy Yates (1935-2015) was an Eton and Cambridge-educated evangelical Anglican who during a career spent mainly in clergy training at St John’s College and Cranmer Hall, Durham, and parochial work in Derbyshire villages, developed an interest in the history of Christian mission, with major contributions to scholarship on the CMS general secretary Henry Venn and the arrival of Christianity to New Zealand, and several shorter ones including those on Venn’s more recent successor Max Warren (1904-1979) and on the evangelicals of the mid-20th century Bryan Green and Tim Houghton. These interests led him to be a major force for the development of missiological studies in English theological colleges and in the societies born of this interest, the British and Irish Association for Mission Studies and the International Association for Mission Studies. The resulting breadth of knowledge was marshalled in his seminal work, Christian Mission in the Twentieth Century (Cambridge 1994).

This archive is strong in Yates’s research papers, including those for New Zealand, including much that though not archival in the strictest sense, is conveniently assembled here for other researchers, in papers produced for numerous conferences on mission studies, covering a worldwide canvas.   It also contains a large quantity of his notes for sermons, addresses and lectures.

Further resources: pdf version of catalogue: YAT Yates