Dorcas meets her Grandparents at CCCW

CCCW was pleased to host four visitors from the Diocese of Kigali, Rwanda and show them something of our extensive archive. Dorcus Uwinmaana, the Mother’s Union adviser, found a photograph of her grandparents whom she had never met.

Dorcus was visiting the centre with Ven. Anotine Rutayisire, Principal of Kigali Anglican Theological College, Revd Manasseh Tuyizere, Director of Evangelism & Training, Catrin Tuyizere, Early years Adviser in the Schools department of Kigali Diocese and Matthew Thorne from the Department of Mission, Diocese of Ely.

CCCW archivist Dr Philip Saunders showed them some of the Joe Church holdings, which pertain to the East African Revival from the 1930s. As well as the photograph of her grandparents Yosiya and Dorcus Kinuka on a motorbike, Dorcus also saw a newspaper article written on her grandfather’s retirement. Kinuka was a prominent preacher and evangelist in the East African revival and the article plays tribute to him as a missionary from Ankole (Uganda) to Rwanda.

Kigali diocese is also developing its own archive, which Jesse Zink visited two years ago. CCCW and Kigali Diocese are looking for sponsors to fund a project for the preservation and sharing of these two important interconnected collections on two continents.