Intercultural Encounter

This project has been temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Applications are currently closed until adequate financial support is available.

If you have the desire to support a missionary, please feel free to contact us.

‘I’ve always seen the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide as a kind of bridge. It draws on the incredible resources of Cambridge and offers them to the global church. It draws on its global connections to make the reality of worldwide Christianity known in Cambridge. At a time when we are still figuring out what it means to be part of a global community, this bridge-building work could not be more important.’

Revd. Dr. Jesse Zink, Principal, Montreal Diocesan Theological College

We live in a global world. We’re part of a global church. We’re called to be part of God’s mission in the world.

To move forward as Christians and as global citizens, we need more opportunities for meaningful interaction with other Christians and other people around the world. At the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, we believe that deep engagement and on-the-ground learning produces confident and creative Christians who will become leaders in God’s mission in a global world.

Our Intercultural Encounter programme offers bursaries that enable recipients to spend a sustained period of time in a Christian community in a culture other than their own. We encourage people to cross boundaries and barriers of all kinds, whether that be linguistic, socio-economic, geographic, or all of the above. In so doing, we learn more about God in Christ and more about one another.

Explore the Intercultural Encounter Scheme further through Scheme FAQsApplication Information including Key Dates and Tips, and Examples of Previous Placements. If you are interested in Creation Care, you can find out more about our partnership with A Rocha International too.

For many applicants, the first step is contacting the Encounter Coordinator to learn more about the programme and the application process. 

Our Intercultural Encounter Scheme:

  • Contributes funding to trips that are a minimum of four weeks long;
  • Offers bursaries of up to £1000 and generally not more than two-thirds of the total cost of the trip;
  • Supports trips that connect recipients with an active Christian community, and a named contact who is prepared to receive the bursary recipient;
  • Has two application rounds per year, in April and November;
  • Prefers those undertaking a placement on their own, rather than travelling in a group;
  • Prioritises those lacking intercultural experience.

Are you eligible? Our bursaries are open to applicants who:

  • Wish to gain a deeper understanding of Christianity worldwide;
  • Are between the ages of 18 to 40 or a mature student;
  • Have a Cambridge connection;
  • Are sympathetic to the Christian nature of the Centre;
  • Are willing to spend a minimum of four weeks in a Christian community in another culture;
  • Can demonstrate a link with a local church or Mission Agency, and appropriate supervision during the placement;
  • Attend an induction day before departure and a debriefing day on their return;
  • Will write a concluding reflective report on their experiences.

For information on the scheme contact

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