Book Launch: From Henry Martyn to World Christianity

Wednesday 25 May 2022, 4.00-5.30 pm (BST)

From Henry Martyn to World Christianity: Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

Ian Randall, Muthuraj Swamy and Graham Kings (CCCW, 2022)

This book offers a brief history of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, capturing the significant transitions in Christian mission and world Christianity during the last few decades and the way these have shaped the Centre’s vision, direction and work. Henry Martyn gave up his promising University of Cambridge career for the vocation of a missionary, which turned out to focus on Bible translation in India and Persia. He died tragically, in 1812, at the age of 31, but he impacted generations of young Christians who went to different parts of the world as missionaries. The founding of the Henry Martyn Trust in 1881 was to continue Martyn’s vision and work, particularly to inspire the University of Cambridge students to participate in world mission. The Henry Martyn Hall was built in Cambridge in 1887 to honour his memory and inspire missionary vocations. In 1996 the Henry Martyn Centre, for the study of mission and world Christianity, was opened at Westminster College, Cambridge and was renamed the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide in 2014.

Please download a book launch and discussion flyer here.

Format: Blended (in person at Woolf Institute, Cambridge, and on Zoom)


Terry Barringer, Research Associate, CCCW


Ian Randall, Research Associate, CCCW

Graham Kings, Founding Director, and currently Research Associate, CCCW; and Hon Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Ely

Muthuraj Swamy, Director, CCCW

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