US Friends of CCCW

The American evangelist Billy Graham (1918–2018) met the British cleric John Stott (1921–2011) at the Henry Martyn Centre (now CCCW) in 1955. The two formed a life-long friendship that would alter the course of world Christianity. Graham would later call Stott ‘one of my best friends’. Since its formation in 1881, CCCW has been a place where transatlantic friendships have flourished and changed the world. The US Friends of CCCW has been formed to foster continued links between American and British friends who have a shared interest in the study of Christianity worldwide.  

(Photo: Billy Graham, John Stott and Maurice Wood [L-R] at CCCW in 1955)

Ways to get involved

Come to Cambridge for study, research or a sabbatical

CCCW houses one of the finest collections of primary and secondary sources anywhere for the study of world Christianity and is located in the heart of one of the oldest universities in the world. Our centre is a short walk to Cambridge University Library, as well as some 100 library and study centres affiliated with the University of Cambridge. You may contact our centre coordinator Rachel Simonson at for more information. You can also find information on accommodations here.

I thought that never in my life had I seen such an idyllic place. It seems almost too beautiful to be real.
J. Gresham Machen, Princeton, writing about his 1928 trip to Cambridge

Attend events such as seminars, papers and lectures

CCCW regularly hosts in-person, hybrid and on-line events that feature both established and emerging scholars who are presenting new research on world Christianity in Cambridge. Our events provide content-rich presentations, interactive discussions, and opportunities for meeting colleagues working in the World Christianity field. Sign up for our newsletter or go to Events to learn about future events. 

Consider applying to study for a masters or doctorate (or encourage other American students to do so)

Many Americans come to Cambridge to do an MPhil or PhD in theology, history, world Christianity or related fields. CCCW is a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation and offers a wide range of degrees through both the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University. For more information about studying with us go to Study with us, or contact

Give to support the on-going work of CCCW

Your giving helps CCCW promote original research, preserve important archives, and publish new works on the study of missions and world Christianity. CCCW has established legal ties with a US entity for providing tax-deductible donations. Donors will receive regular updates on the centre’s activities. You will find information on giving here.

Board of Reference

F. Lionel Young III, Chair 

Executive Vice President, Global Action

Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

Austin, Texas

Anthony Wells

Research Fellow, King’s College, London

U.S. Naval Institute, author
and intelligence expert

Washington, D. C.

Christopher Wells 

Director of Unity, Faith and Order
for the Anglican Communion 

Dallas, Texas 

Esslie Hughes 

Chief of Finance and Operations,
The Episcopal Diocese of New York 

New York, NY 

Robert D. Woodberry 

Director, Project on Religion and
Economic Change 

Research Professor, Baylor University
Institute for Studies of Religion 

Austin, Texas 

Mike Astrue

Former Lawyer;

Served under four Presidents at the White House, Head of Social Security, USA

Boston, Massachusetts