Donations of books have helped our library expand to its present state. However, we are a small library and space is at a premium. In order for us to make the best use of our current space we review any book donations before we accept them.

Books that we would like

If you have any books that you think would fit well into our World Christianity collection, do contact the Librarian, Ruth MacLean. The collection is primarily scholarly in nature. We would particularly appreciate recently published books and books relating to global Christianity in the 21st century. Theologies and commentaries from the non-western world would be appreciated, for example, and biographies of non-western Church leaders, and books looking at the history of the Church in these non-western contexts. And books on any non-western Church’s response to contextual needs and issues, such as war and conflict, or local cultural practices, religious rituals and beliefs, or socio-economic problems, or the environment.  And books relating to the history of mission societies or the missionary work of a particular denomination, or the history of the ecumenical and evangelical movements. Also books about missiologists and the theology of mission.

Larger donations

We normally receive small donations of one or two books, but if you are considering a larger donation, for example, you are removing a mission studies section from a library that is closing down and would like to offer these as a larger donation to us, could you please email or write to the Librarian, Ruth MacLean. She would appreciate a list of titles, authors, publisher and publishing dates to enable her to review the list in advance to see which ones we would be happy to accept. We don’t normally accept duplicate copies unless they are a core text on a reading list.

Donated Books Form

When you offer us books please complete a Donated Books form. A member of staff can give this to you. It will take you a few seconds just to mark on the form what you would like us to do with the book(s), should we decide not to accept them. For instance, we might offer them to other libraries or charities.