Missio Dei – Book of the Week

Our book of the week is actually a pamphlet:

Dr. H. Rosin (1972) Missio Dei

From the late 1950s onwards, the term “Missio Dei” began to be used increasingly in missiological and ecumenical literature, with users of the term often meaning slightly different things. For this reason, the Study group on Ecumenical Evangelisation in the Netherlands approached the Interuniversity Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research to request that it produce a critical study of the term.

Dr. H. Rosin, lecturer of Missiology at the University of Groningen, took up this challenge and his research included the archives of the WCC in Geneva. His study was considered to be so important that it was translated into English, and this pamphlet is the result.

The study explores the origin, content and function of the term, and historical changes in which it has been used and understood. As the foreword states, “[we are] convinced that it signifies an important contribution towards clarification in the missiological and ecumenical discussions.”

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Ruth MacLean, Librarian