New bursary recipients head out to discover the world church

Intercultural Encounter recipients prepare for summer travels

Seventeen Cambridge-area students are preparing to experience the life of a Christian community in another culture this summer thanks to support from the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide’s Intercultural Encounter programme.

The Centre provides bursaries and logistical advice to encourage young people to encounter the diversity of the global church for themselves and see Christianity through the eyes of others.

In 2017, 17 bursaries were awarded. Recipients will be travelling across the world, including to Ethiopia, Israel and Palestine, the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Bahrain, Uganda, Jamaica, Barbados and many others. “Students” is understood broadly; the group includes current undergraduates as well as recent graduates, mature students in the Cambridge Theological Federation, medical students, and a number of ordinands.

The bursary recipients gathered earlier this month for an induction and training day, in which they considered the promise and possibilities of meeting people of faith from other cultures, as well as shared ideas on how best to approach this challenging and rewarding task. They also shared prayer requests for the summer ahead with one another.

The Henry Martyn Trust has been giving bursaries for overseas travel for over 30 years. The record number of bursaries this year reflects a commitment of the Trustees to expanding the Intercultural Encounter programme. As Christians in the 21st century, it is vital that students today have the confidence, experience, and humility to interact with their sisters and brothers in Christ in cross-cultural settings.

The Intercultural Encounter programme has two application rounds per year, in January and May. The CCCW welcomes inquiries from prospective applicants with some idea of where they want to spend time and those with no idea at all. More information is available on this website or by contacting the Encounter coordinator.