The end of theology – New books

Among the donations added to the library this month, two were given to us by doctoral student Johannes Zeiler of the Uppsala Universitet, Sweden. A former research associate of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, Johannes Zeiler is currently doing significant scholarly research into conversations on theological education in two African theological journals and amongst Lutheran theological educators and church leaders in Tanzania.

Jason S. Sexton and Paul Weston (2016) The end of theology : shaping theology for the sake of mission Fortress Press, one of our purchases, is particularly important to us, having been edited by Paul Weston, who teaches mission studies at Ridley and in the Cambridge Federation, and is the Director of the Newbigin Centre for Gospel and Western Culture.

The End of Theology generates a discussion of the nature of theology and how it is most meaningfully constructed to offer a truly interdisciplinary frame of reference on theology and mission. The volume highlights perspectives of contextual and systematic theology, as well as missiology, world Christianity and history, biblical studies and hermeneutics, ethnography, pastoral practice, and social justice. It also pays keen attention to matters on the ground with a profound desire to relate questions of evangelical identity – including ministry practice and mission – to the wider tradition” — back cover.

The book arose from discussions that took place at a conference in Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, July 3-5, 2014, organised by the Tyndale Fellowship Christian Doctrine study group, a consortium of scholars and practitioners, leading systematic theologians, and seasoned missiologists from different parts of the world.

Ruth MacLean



Randall Balmer (2016) Evangelicalism in America Baylor University Press

John Pollock (2006) The Cambridge seven : the true story of ordinary men used in no ordinary way Christian Focus

R.S. Wafula, Esther Mombo, Joseph Wandera (2016) The postcolonial church : Bible, theology, and mission Borderless Press

C.I. David Joy (2015) Overlooked voices : a postcolonial Indian quest Borderless Press

Jason S. Sexton and Paul Weston (2016) The end of theology : shaping theology for the sake of mission Fortress Press


E.A. Adeboye (2016) Open heavens : a guide to a close fellowship with God Open Heavens Media Limited, Gift of Dr Babatunde Adedibu, former research associate of CCCW

Erik Egeland (2016) Christianity, generation and narrative : religious conversion and change in Sidama, Ethiopia, 1974-2012 Uppsala Universitet, Gift of Johannes Zeiler, Uppsala Universitet, former research associate of CCCW

Robert Odén (2016) For better for worse : the role of religion in development cooperation Swedish Mission Council, Gift of Johannes Zeiler, Uppsala Universitet, former research associate of CCCW

Dr. D.K. Olukoya (2012) Disgracing water spirits : deliverance manual for indigenes of riverine areas Mountain of Fire  and Miracles (MFM) Ministries, Gift of Jesse Zink

Ian Leakey (2014) Four worlds : India, Africa, England and Grace Self-published by author’s son, Mark Leakey, Gift of Mark Leakey, son of Ian Leakey.

Robert S. Heaney, Zeyneb Sayilgan, Claire Haymes, editors (2016) Faithful neighbors : Christian-Muslim vision & practice Morehouse Publishing, Gift of Robert S. Heaney, editor

Michael W. Goheen, editor (2016) Reading the Bible missionally (The Gospel and our culture series) William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Gift of Ian A. McFarland, Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge University

Paul Avis (2010) Reshaping ecumenical theology : the church made whole? T&T Clark, Gift of Westcott House, CTF

Gennadios Limouris, editor (1994) Orthodox visions of ecumenism : statements, messages and reports on the ecumenical movement, 1902-1992 WCC Publications, Gift of Westcott House, CTF