Religious pluralism – New books

A number of new purchases and donations were added to the library this month. Among these is Peter C. Phan (2017) The joy of religious pluralism: a personal journey Orbis Books. This long-awaited volume was written in response to Vatican concerns about his orthodoxy. The concerns were raised by his earlier book: (2004) Being religious interreligiously: Asian perspectives on interfaith dialogue Orbis Books. What do you think about the response that he gives? You could read the two books for yourself. You will find them at 261.2 PHA in our library.

261 is one of the larger sections in our library, looking at Christianity and culture. 261.2 looks more specifically at Christianity and other religions/religious pluralism. You can engage with the subject of religious pluralism and a Christian response to other religions by taking a look at our books in this section.

Ruth MacLean



Mari-Anna Auvinen-Pontinen and Jonas Adelin Jorgensen (2016) Mission and money : Christian mission in the context of global inequalities (Theology and mission in world Christianity, volume 1) Brill

Peter C. Phan (2017) The joy of religious pluralism : a personal journey Orbis Books

Jason Mandryk (2015) Pray for the world : abridged from Operation World, 7th edition IVP Books

Kathleen L. Lodwick (2016) How Christianity came to China : a brief history Fortress Press

Paul Bradbury (2016) Stepping into grace : moving beyond ambition to contemplative mission The Bible Reading Fellowship

Robert L. Gallagher and Paul Hertig, editors (2017) Contemporary mission theology : engaging the nations : essays in honor of Charles E. Van Engen (American Society of Missiology series, no. 53) Orbis Books

Atola Longkumer, Jorgen Skov Sorensen and Michael Biehl, editors (2016) Mission and power : history, relevance and perils (Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series, Volume 33) Regnum Books International

Corneliu Constantineanu, Marcel V. Macelaru, Anne-Marie Kool and Mihai Himcinschi (2016) Mission in Central and Eastern Europe : realities, perspectives, trends (Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series, Volume 34) Regnum Books International

Kenneth R. Ross, Jooseop Keum, Kyriaki Avtzi and Roderick R. Hewitt (2016) Ecumenical missiology : changing landscapes and new conceptions of mission (Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series, Volume 35) Regnum Books International

Richard Harvey (2010) Mapping Messianic Jewish theology Paternoster Press



Bernhard Kruger (1967) The pear tree blossoms : the history of the Moravian Church in South Africa 1737-1869 Genadendal, Gift of Professor John Iliffe

Shusaku Endo (1969,2016) Silence [now a major film by Martin Scorsese] Peter Owen, Gift of Jesse Zink

J.C. Winter (1979) Bruno Gutmann, 1876-1966 : a German approach to social anthropology Clarendon Press, Gift of Professor John Iliffe