Engaged in God’s mission – New books

Some more purchases and a donation added to the library this month are listed below. One of these: The church in mission: foundations and global case studies (2016), edited by Bertil Ekstrom, is divided into three key sections and examines 1. biblical and theological foundations for the gospel, church and mission, 2. contemporary missiological issues and 3. case studies of the church in mission. The writers of the 33 chapters seek to address questions such as:

“What does it mean today to be a church totally committed to the gospel and fully engaged in God’s mission? What major religious and sociological trends in our world are affecting the role of the global church and local churches? How must we understand and be prepared to face these trends? How do we define ‘church’ in the twenty-first century, being faithful to the Scriptures and at the same time relevant to a generation that does not believe in the institutional church anymore? What are some good models of missional churches in different regions of the world that will encourage and inspire those who long to see a church making difference in society and the world?” — introduction

You will find the book at 266 EKS in our library. 266 is one of the largest sections of our library with books that look at the theology and practice of mission.

For example, we have an on-going subscription to receive the ‘Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series’, the volumes of which are classified together in this section at 266 REG [volume number]. This ecumenical series is a significant contribution to studies in mission and some of its titles look at subjects such as global Anglican perspectives, Pentecostal mission and global Christianity, the Lausanne movement, Christian mission among other faiths, the Korean Church, God’s mission and global Christianity, and global diasporas and mission.

If you haven’t seen this series, do come and see it for yourself. And feel free to browse the rest of our shelves.

Ruth MacLean



Justin Thacker (2017) Global poverty : a theological guide SCM Press Ltd

Chloe Starr (2016) Chinese theology : text and context Yale University Press

Andrew E. Barnes (2017) Global Christianity and the black Atlantic : Tuskegee, colonialism, and the shaping of African industrial education Baylor University Press

Jonathan Y. Tan and Anh Q. Tran, S.J., editors (2016) World Christianity : perspectives and insights Orbis Books

J.E. Church (1981) Quest for the highest: an autobiographical account of the East African revival (cover subtitle: A diary of the East African revival) Paternoster Press (second-hand copy bought for shelf, reference only copy)

Wendy Urban-Mead (2015) The gender of piety : family, faith, and colonial rule in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe Ohio University Press

Veli-Matti Karkkainen (2002) Pneumatology : the Holy Spirit in ecumenical, international, and contextual perspective BakerAcademic

Veli-Matti Karkkainen (2003,2016) Christology : a global introduction. 2nd edition BakerAcademic

Veli-Matti Karkkainen (2002) An introduction to ecclesiology : ecumenical, historical and global perspectives IVP Academic

Bertil Ekstrom, editor (2016) The church in mission : foundations and global case studies (Globalization of mission series) William Carey Library



Simon Barrington-Ward (1988) Love will out : a theology of mission for today’s world : CMS newsletters 1975-85 Marshall Pickering, Gift of Jesse Zink