Ngoma Project

The Ngoma Ecumenical Publishing Consortium facilitates research into Ugandan Christianity and its publication both in Uganda and internationally. Uganda has a rich Christian history that dates back to the late 19th Century. The first generation of Ugandan converts to Christianity reflected on their Christian experience in an impressive series of publications and manuscripts, often in vernacular languages. From the 1930s onwards both Ugandans and expatriates researched Ugandan Christianity as they obtained postgraduate qualifications. From the 1970s onwards, African researchers outstripped expatriates by four to one.

African researchers are usually embedded in the life of Ugandan Christian communities. So they are best placed to research the pressing issues that these communities face. For example Dr Olivia Nassaka decided to research how Anglican Christians in Buganda understood the presence of evil in their lives out of her experiences as a parish priest in Mityana. Her position of trust within the community enabled her to interview over 150 Baganda Anglicans to produce research that is both academically rigorous and pastorally relevant. Illuminating research into Catholic and Pentecostal expressions of Christianity in Uganda has also been conducted.

However research by Africans is less likely to be published than that of Western researchers. If research is published in Western publications, these are less likely to be accessible in Uganda. The first Ngoma writers’ workshop was held in August 2012 in Jinja, with its proceedings published as The Ugandan Churches and the Political Centre: Volume 1 (Ngoma Series). Important primary source material on Ugandan Christianity has been located in archives on three continents. Ngoma is exploring how digital copies could be made to make this archival material available in Uganda to Ugandan researchers.

Ngoma is an ecumenical publishing consortium, consciously bringing research and reflection from across Uganda’s different streams of Christianity into dialogue. This diversity is reflected in the current membership of the consortium:

The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide is a partner organisation to Ngoma.

For further information, please contact:

In Uganda: Dr Paddy Musana at or +256 (0)7724 57725 In the United Kingdom: Dr Angus Crichton at or +44 (0)7981 801178