Tearfund-CCCW Project

In 2019 the CCCW partnered with Tearfund on a 6 month research project to gain a deeper understanding of the current roles of local churches in settings of protracted conflict.

The research was to identify

a) the impact of conflict on the local church;

b) how and why churches choose to engage in response to conflict;

c) the roles and practices churches take on in responding within their communities and conflicts; and

d) the churches’ own perspectives on opportunities, constraints and barriers.

The Research Associate, Marjorie Gourlay, from University of St Andrew’s, worked with the principal investigator of the project, the Director of CCCW, Dr Muthuraj Swamy, who supervised the overall project.

To obtain a copy of the report email centre@cccw.cam.ac.uk

Click here to see photos of the evening of the launch of the report.