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Connecting Christianities: World Christianity and Mission in the 21st Century 

CCCW Silver Jubilee Commemorative Volume
Edited by Muthuraj Swamy and Jenny Leith

Written by leading scholars and practitioners, who have shaped the work of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity worldwide and whose work has been shaped by themes focused at the Centre, twenty-five essays in this volume focus on different aspects of Christian mission and the connections within these. Many expressions in Christianity which need to be connected in ecumenical relations, building openness and harmonious relationships between Christianity and different religious traditions, and Christian public engagement in society – these are some of the main themes in this volume. Reflecting the diversity of the fields of world Christianity and mission studies, this volume is aimed as a resource for scholars, students, and mission practitioners in both the Global North and South.

From Henry Martyn to World Christianity: The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

Authors: Ian Randall, Muthuraj Swamy, and Graham Kings

Date Published: May 25, 2022

This book intends to invigorate all those involved in mission and world Christianity. 

It offers a brief history of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, capturing the significant transitions in Christian mission and world Christianity during the last few decades and the way these have shaped the Centre’s vision, direction and work.

Henry Martyn gave up his promising University of Cambridge career for the vocation of a missionary, which turned out to focus on Bible translation in India and Persia. He died tragically, in 1812, at the age of 31, but he impacted generations of young Christians who went to different parts of the world as missionaries. The founding of the Henry Martyn Trust in 1881 was to continue Martyn’s vision and work, particularly to inspire the University of Cambridge students to participate in world mission. The Henry Martyn Hall was built in Cambridge in 1887 to honour his memory and inspire missionary vocations. In 1996 the Henry Martyn Centre, for the study of mission and world Christianity, was opened at Westminster College, Cambridge and was renamed the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide in 2014.

This intriguing history is narrated with verve, insight, scholarship, acumen and vision.

Ian Randall, a Baptist academic, is a Church Historian and Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide.

Muthuraj Swamy is the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide.

Graham Kings, Hon Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Ely, founded the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and is now a Research Associate at the Centre.

How the church contributes to well-being in conflict-affected fragile states: Voices from the local church

A CCCW and Tearfund publication, 2019.

Authors: Marjorie Gourlay, Muthuraj Swamy, and Madleina Daehnhardt

In 2019 CCCW partnered with Tearfund on a six month research project to gain a deeper understanding of the current roles of local churches in settings of protracted conflict. This report was published at the end of the project.

The report discusses

a) the impact of conflict on the local church;

b) how and why churches choose to engage in response to conflict;

c) the roles and practices churches take on in responding within their communities and conflicts; and

d) the churches’ own perspectives on opportunities, constraints and barriers.

Down a copy of the report here.

Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide Occasional Paper Series

The Cambridge Seventy: A Missionary Movement in Twentieth-Century Britain/ Ian Randall (Published by Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, 2016) ISBN: 9781526201997

In 1955, scores of students associated with the Cambridge Intercollegiate Christian Union committed themselves to overseas missionary service. The students who answered this call found themselves in a wide variety of ministries across the globe. The occasional paper has its origins in a series of ‘witness’ seminars that CCCW hosted in 2014 and 2015 in which members of the Cambridge 70 shared their memories and stories. Dr. Randall’s research used these seminars, as well as his own survey of Cambridge 70 members and the growing collection of archival material in the CCCW’s collections.

The research and publication were funded in part by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Maurice and Hilda Laing Foundation.

Cambridge Students and Christianity Worldwide: Insights from the 1960s/ Ian Randall (2019) ISBN: 9781999749316

[In this book] Ian Randall traces the impact on global mission made by some of those whose faith and zeal were shaped and motivated through the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union in the 1960s. Those of us then in CICCU could scarcely have realised at the time what a remarkable decade that would turn out to be. — back cover.

Dr Chris Wright, International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership

Ngoma Series

The Ugandan Churches and the Political Centre: Cooperation, Co-Option and Confrontation. Edited by Paddy Musana, Angus Crichton and Caroline Howell (2017). ISBN: 978-1-9997493-0-9

The Christian faith and the political centre have been intertwined from the outset in the Ugandan Christian story. The chapters take examples from this story where the churches have cooperated with, been co-opted by and confronted the political centre.

Chapters include studies on: • Festo Kivengere’s preaching on reconciliation into post-Amin Uganda (Alfred Olwa) • The growing role of the Pentecostal churches in the political arena (Paddy Musana) • Religious rituals to reintegrate girl child-soldiers in Northern Uganda (Christine Mbabazi Mpyangu) • The relationship between the NRM Government and the churches (Ofwono-Opondo).

The themes which emerge from these chapters are the foundations upon which a political theology for Uganda must be built, which is outlined in the concluding chapter (David Zac Niringiye). The volume makes available in Uganda significant pioneering research by primarily Ugandan scholars on a key theme in the ongoing mission of the Ugandan.


Listening Together: Global Anglican Perspectives on Renewal of Prayer and the Religious Life. Co-edited with Stephen Spencer. Anglican Communion Office & The Forward Movement, 2020

Reconciliation. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2019. SPCK.

Witnessing Together: Global Anglican Perspectives on Evangelism. Co-edited with Stephen Spencer. Anglican Communion Office & The Forward Movement, 2019.

Walking Together: Global Anglican Perspectives on Reconciliation. Co-edited with Stephen Spencer. Anglican Communion Office & The Forward Movement, 2019

Christian Engagement in Social Change: the Role of Theological Education. Co-edited. Christian World Imprints, 2018

The Problem with Interreligious Dialogue: Plurality, Conflict and Elitism in Hindu-Christian-Muslim Relations. Bloomsbury, 2016

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