Recent Visitors to the CCCW

People from around the world regularly enrich our life at the Centre.

In any given week, month, or term, a number of visitors pass through the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. They enrich our life and give us new insight into the life of the church around the world. Here’s a highlight of some of our recent visitors.

In the autumn of 2016, Bishop Hilary Garang Deng of the Anglican Diocese of Malakal in South Sudan spent a term on sabbatical at our sister institution, Ridley Hall. Since 2014, violence in South Sudan has forced Hilary out of his home and away from his diocese. He spent much of his sabbatical in our library, learning more about the history of the church in South Sudan and the origins of current violence. CCCW Director Jesse Zink was particularly pleased to welcome Bishop Hilary to Cambridge as Jesse has visited him in Malakal while conducting his own research on the church in South Sudan. Bishop Hilary’s sabbatical time was arranged by former CCCW Director Graham Kings, who now directs the Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion Project.

In January 2017, we were pleased to welcome the Rev. Dr. Robert Heaney to the Centre for several weeks. Dr. Heaney is associate professor of Christian mission at Virginia Theological Seminary  in the United States and was on sabbatical. He used the library and archive to research a new project on postcolonial theology and the history of mission. He also offered a stimulating seminar in our regular series titled, “Renewing a Theology of Christian Mission: Critical and Constructive Migrations.”

In early February 2017, we welcomed the Rev. Dr. Charles Mugisha, director of Africa New Life Ministries, based in Kigali, Rwanda. He was especially interested in the large collection of material in the archive related to the East African Revival, which began in Gahini, Rwanda and spread from there.

In November 2016, Sudhakar and Santhi Mondithoka of the Hyderabad Institute for Theology and Apologetics in India spent a morning in the Centre. Santhi was pleased to find on our shelves the new Asia Bible Commentary, to which she contributed a commentary on the Book of Ruth. In addition to his other ministry obligations, Sudhakar is currently working on a doctorate on aspects of science and theology.

These and other visitors enrich the daily life of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. Are you in Cambridge? Looking for a place to be based while on leave? We would love to hear from you.