Summertime visitors to the CCCW

We’ve been pleased to welcome through the doors of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide in recent months a steady stream of visitors and other guests. These people use our resources, share with us news of their churches around the world, and enrich our common life. Here’s a highlight of some of our recent visitors.

A large group of representatives from several Anglican dioceses in Kenya visited the Centre on July 10. They were in Chelmsford Diocese as part of a long-standing companion relationship and visited the Centre to learn more about our work and our resources related to the history of the church in Kenya. The archive and library contain a significant amount of material related to the ministry of David Gitari, former bishop of the Diocese of Mount Kenya East and then archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya. The 14 Kenyan visitors all came from dioceses that have been carved out of the former Mount Kenya East. They appreciated looking at the papers related to Bishop Gitari’s ministry and listening to audio recordings of his sermons.

Appolinaire Hakizimana, the Anglican archdeacon of Gahini in Rwanda, visited the Centre in June for several days to consult the Centre’s extensive collection of material related to the East African Revival. This revival began in Gahini and the Centre’s archive includes the papers of Joe Church, the English missionary in Gahini who documented the beginning of the revival. The church in Gahini, which CCCW Director Jesse Zink visited in summer 2016, is currently working on creating a museum dedicated the East African Revival.

Clarence Devadass, the director of the Catholic Research Centre in Kuala Lumpur, has been in and out of the Centre in June and July as he works on a book about Christian mission in a minority context. Dr. Devadass is a priest of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur and is spending an extended sabbatical in Cambridge.

These and other visitors enrich the daily life of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. Are you in Cambridge? Looking for a place to be based while on leave? We would love to hear from you.