Date of creation: early 19th century to 2016
Extent: 5 boxes
CCCW Catalogue: MAR
Keywords: East India Company, St. John’s College, India, Calcutta, Persia

Henry Martyn (1781-1812) was a Cambridge student, an acolyte of Charles Simeon, the evangelical vicar of Holy Trinity, through whom he became chaplain to the British East India Company, and in Bengal and Persia a translator of the Bible. It was in his memory that the Henry Martyn Trust was founded. This is a collection of materials for his life and of others with whom he was closely related (Thomas Clarkson, Daniel Corrie, Abdul Masih), including original correspondence and other documents from England and India (both original and copies elsewhere) 1802-35 and secondary literature relating to the man and his legacy. The collection brings together in one location a variety of material that has been scattered to various locations around the world.

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