Annual Henry Martyn Day Lecture

Henry Martyn (18 Feb 1781 – 16 Oct 1812) forsook an academic career and became a missionary in India. He translated the New Testament into Hindustani and Persian. His commitment to world mission inspired many. On his first birth centenary in 1881 the Henry Martyn Trust, which runs CCCW, was established. An annual Henry Martyn Day Lecture is organised in and around October every year to celebrate him.

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Annual CCCW Day Lecture

The CCCW Day celebrates the founding of the Henry Martyn Centre, later CCCW, by Graham Kings, and its move from the Henry Martyn Hall to the Westminster College on 22 January 1996. The friends of CCCW from all over the world gather in person and online on or around this day. A Lecture is delivered by a friend associated with the Centre who is also a leading scholar in the field of World Christianity.

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Henry Martyn Lectures Series

Our Henry Martyn lectures take place biannually (once every two years) in the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.

CCCW Silver Jubilee Lectures 2021

In 2021, we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and organised a Silver Jubilee lecture series online on the theme of Transfiguring World Christianity. These lectures were organised in the place the Henry Martyn Biennial Lectures 2021/22.