World Christianity Summer Institute 2023. The Bible: Everywhere in Everyday Life

02 July 2023, 00:00 - 09 July 2023, 00:00 The Healey Room, Westminster College

Our Summer Institute 2023 will explore how the Bible is read contextually throughout the world – in church, in politics, in the home, with children, in work and much more.

We will welcome theological students, educators, researchers and any Christian interested in learning about Christianity in other parts of the world.

We will focus on how the Bible is understood, engaged and lived in different parts of the world and how this helps churches and their communities to face the many ongoing challenges in the world.

We will explore

  • the joys of Bible engagement in everyday life
  • challenges whilst applying the Bible message in day-to-day contexts
  • responses to different interpretations of the Bible
  • reading the Bible in relation to other scriptures and literature

We will listen attentively to God and to each other while we consider working together to create better societies built on the biblical values of care, courage, compassion and justice.

We will worship and eat together daily, have opportunities to see the Centre’s renowned library and archives, and have time to discover the delights of Cambridge.

Read more about the event here.