Paul’s missionary methods – Book of the week

What does Paul’s missions strategy mean for today? A century ago Roland Allen published Missionary Methods: Saint Paul’s or Ours?, a missiological classic which tackled many important issues, including what biblically rooted missions looks like in light of the apostle Paul’s evangelistic efforts. Although Allen’s work is still valuable, new understandings have been gained regarding Paul’s milieu and missionary activity, and how his practices ought to inform missions in our ever-changing world.        — back cover

In this book, published in 2013 on the centennial anniversary of Allen’s work, experts in New Testament studies and missiology seek to revisit first century missionary methods and apply these in our contemporary world.

Paul’s missionary work is studied in two parts: first, Paul’s missionary efforts in the first century context, looking at his environment, mission strategy and teaching; second, the implications of his example for today, asking whether his model is still relevant and what this would look like in the modern context.

The contributors offer “fresh, key insights from their fields, analyzing Paul’s missionary methods in his time and pointing the way forward in ours.”

Do come and take a look at this insightful book. It is classified 227 PLU. See for yourself the original works by Roland Allen too on mission. They are found at 266 ALL.

Contributors include:

  • Michael F. Bird

  • Eckhard J. Schnabel

  • Benjamin L. Merkle

  • Christoph W. Stenschke

  • Don N. Howell Jr.

  • Craig Keener

  • David J. Hesselgrave

  • Michael Pocock

  • Ed Stetzer

  • M. David Sills

  • Chuck Lawless

  • J. D. Payne

Ruth MacLean