Seminar – a gospel for the poor

Our first seminar of the Lent term is: A gospel for the poor: misión Integral and the Latin American evangelical left in the shadow of the Cold War

Dr David C. Kirkpatrick, Associate Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion, James Madison University, Virginia

2nd February 2022, 4-5.30pm GMT, online

Drawing upon bilingual interviews and archives and personal papers from three continents, Kirkpatrick adopts a transnational perspective to tell the story of how a Cold War generation of Latin American evangelicals developed, named, and exported their version of social Christianity to an evolving coalition of global Christians. Latin Americans drew upon their unique biographies as religious minorities and their fraught history of negotiation with US missionaries in the region. In turn, global conversations between Latin America and the Global North reshaped politics, widened theologies, and provoked an explosion of mission and relief organizations around the world. This story also provides a blueprint for an alternative scaffolding of the Evangelical Left, one not designed from centres of power but from the margins of the global Cold War.

To register and for Zoom link, please email Rachel Simonson, our Centre Coordinator.

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